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In Class With the Girls

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A bit of fun in Science class


So I was in my science class when I was 15. The tables went in a horse-shoe round the room, none of the usual guy friends I have were in this class so I sat with a few girl friends I got on with well.

I was never one for working too hard in school so I generally distracted the girls from their work and as we were in the corner, no-one could really see us and the teacher wasn't in a teaching mood either as she was in and out all day and left us some rubbish to do.

So i'm there with Becky, Frankie and Emily on this table and we're talking about everything. I walked to school with Becky as she lived near me. Becky then said 'How come your always late coming out to meet me in the morning, I have to wait at your door every day?' I said 'I just can't be bothered to get up'. She looked at me suspiciously and then asked 'Do you have fun at night?', 'What do you mean?' I said, 'you know, in bed, do you have fun before you go to sleep?'. I then realized but played coy. 'I don't understand?'. Frankie then leant over and said 'Do you masturbate at night?'. right then the three girls leant in to hear my answer. 'Yes I do' I admitted. 'So do you girls do it too?' I said. None would answer and then the teacher called the class to listen in to something.

The conversation quickly got back to me and Becky asked if I came when I did it and I told them yes. Frankie and Emily then at the same time said 'how often do you do it?'. I stopped them and decided that I wanted to get something out of this as I already had a semi. 'first tell me what underwear you have on'. Shocked the girls looked at each other and answered one at a time; 'Blue bra and Panties' for Becky, 'Black bra green thong' for Frankie & 'white bra, pink panties' for Emily.

So tell us how it feels when you do it' said Frankie. before I could answer Becky said 'why not show us?' all three girls agreed with this idea. I said that we could back to one of their houses and I'll show them. They disagreed and wanted me to do it right there in the class. The teacher had gone out and everyone had their own little conversations on every table to be looking at our table, so I moved to the very corner of the table so no-one would see me, at this I had a boner from the excitement of doing this in front of these three gorgeous girls. everything was in place and the girls asked me to get my penis out, I said I'll need something to get me there first if you know what I mean. Understanding what I meant, Becky & Frankie moved to face me while Emily looked out for the teacher (while keeping an eye on my bulge) the two girls then slid off their tights and tugged her skirt up so I could see Becky's slightly wet panties and Frankie's small wet thong, I asked them to pull them down a bit so I could see their pussy's they said get started and we will pull them down.

I unzipped my fly and shifted my boxers and struggled to get my cock out as I was rock hard from staring at the girl's wet patches. Once it was out I began to stroke it slowly and before too long Becky had moved her hand down her panties and I could see through the cotton that she was fingering herself. It felt so good rubbing my cock in front of these two, I knew it wouldn't take too long for me to come. I was getting close when Frankie began rubbing herself through the thong and quickly pulled them off revealing her beautiful pussy. Seeing this Becky did the same and we were then all masturbating in front of each other, I could see Frankie's nipples get hard through her bra and I wasn't going to last much longer. I began pumping hard and felt the orgasm hit me as I shot a massive load onto Becky and Frankie's skirts. They didn't stop fingering themselves though and with short gasps I saw them both come before leaning into each other to keep themselves from falling off their chairs.

Still looking at their wet pussy's I got rock hard straight away. Emily went to the toilet to get towels for the girls, I followed to show her round two. As we got into the girls toilet I locked us in a cubicle and dropped my pants showing her my pulsing boner. As I did her hand slipped quickly under her skirt as she pulled off her panties and tights in one, a button later and her skirt dropped revealed her neatly shaved pussy. She sat down in front of me and spread her legs before asking me to begin, I started pumping again while she rubbed herself and removed her shirt and bra. Out fell her fantastic C cup breasts. The smell of her juices and the view she was giving me sent me over and I sprayed another huge load over her breasts and chin. She continued rubbing while licking what she could of my come off her chin, soon later she shook as she began to climax.

We laughed at the situation & recovered for a few minutes before collecting towels for the other girls and returning back to class.



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