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In Class

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This was fun and one of the craziest masturbation things I have done, so I wanted to share it.


Ok, this probably isn't the most exciting story, don't know how many of you have similar stories, but I'll tell mine.

Well, I've always been a little kinky I think. I get the urge to try new, kinky things from time to time. When I was in high school I remember I always wanted to cum in a class. I remember I wanted to for a while but, you know, it's hard to get a situation where it's actually possible to do so (didn't really want to get caught). So, enter 10th grade social studies (I think it was 10th grade). Nothing really ever happened in that class. There wasn't much interaction with students and you didn't have to do anything the whole time if you didn't want to, the teacher just talked the whole time. A lot of times I would just put my head down and the teacher wouldn't say anything.

So one day it was one of those lectures where he was literally just talking the whole period and nothing else was going on. I don't know when the idea to actually do it entered my mind, but at some point I realized that it would be a perfect time to masturbate and cum in class. so I laid my head down like I had done before, so it looked like I was sleeping. It was also perfect because I had a hoodie on. So I put the hood over my head and my hands in the little open pouches that's in the front of a hoodie.

Also, my penis is uncircumcised and has very tight foreskin (to this day), this makes my penis very sensitive. This, along with the fact that I'm very aroused and excited because I'm in class doing this made it possible, lol.

Ok, so I start rubbing the tip of my penis very gently over the top of my hoodie, my pants, and my underwear. It was amazing, somehow it was working! It felt really good and I was getting off on this! I could feel this magical tingle in the head of my penis that started to permeate throughout my whole penis.

I was very careful not to make any noticeable movements. I don't think anyone saw me, but who knows. I was in the second to last desk on the wall, there are about 15-20 students in class, and the desks aren't spaced out very much. As I was doing this I was thinking, 'am I really doing this right now'?! I couldn't believe it! it was quite exciting to say the least. It is also worth noting that a girl that I had liked since seventh grade was sitting diagonally from me in the next row, just a couple feet away at the time. I don't want to sound like a creep, but that just made it that much more exciting. After a little while I started feeling a build up happening in my groin. as it kept feeling better and better I had to keep making sure that I wasn't making any noticeable movements or any noise. It finally got to the point where I was definitely going to cum. I'm sure I debated, in that time right before I was going to cum, whether or not to keep on going. I thought, well I've gone this far I might as well finish it.

I had to cum now. There I was, going to have an orgasm and spurt out cum right in the middle of sixth period social studies! I remember I started to twitch and squirm a little and then it came and I twitched and squirmed more and cummed in my pants as that magical tingling reached it's culmination and tingling cum spasms started happening. I think I might have played it off like I was yawning or stretching. I still remember that unique orgasm, and the feeling of it just touching the tip of my penis through all that clothing ever so slightly. It was exhilerating and so much naughty fun! After that I just went to my next class, and didn't clean up until later that night at home. I walked around the rest of the day with cum in my pants. That's the only time when I have masturbated to orgasm in public I believe, and I'll never forget it.



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