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In Class

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This is a true account.


To start off with, I started masturbating when I was a boy. It was one of those things I guess like happens with most older boys or young teens. One night I was lying in bed and for whatever reason started fumbling around with my penis. As I did, I soon discovered that the more I fooled around with it the stiffer it got! I was surprised and astonished at first. But it felt so good that I just couldn't stop doing it! So I continued playing with my little stiffie and was soon rewarded with the most wonderful sensation I had ever experienced up until then. I had my first orgasm! And I have been playing with it ever since.

After that first earth shaking experience it took no time at all for me to turn into an avid masturbator. I wound up playing with myself almost constantly. And it didn't matter when or where I did it either. It was as if my penis had a mind of its own, or you might say a 'head' of its own controlling my actions. Certainly I masturbated every night in bed and usually several times during the day. I'd play with it in the house, in the back yard, at a relative's house or neighbor's house or just about anywhere I thought no one would see me doing it. And of course I did it at school.

I remember a specific incident that occurred when I was in the seventh grade. I must have been around twelve years old at the time and by then an accomplished masturbator. I do recall that at that point in my live just about all I could think about was my penis and jacking off.

Anyway, this happened in Mrs Matthews class. She was an attractive teacher as far as I can remember. She was in her thirties and had a medium build, wore glasses and exhibited a very pretty smile. She was all together a pleasant and likeable teacher.

Now in Mrs. Matthews class it was customary for her to work with small groups of students, allowing her to give each more individualized attention. Usually she'd have a group of about five students arrange their desks in a crescent (semi-circular) shape with her sitting in a chair positioned in the middle, facing them.

It was during one of these group sessions that I found my mind wandering. I'm sure whatever the lesson subject was it had to have been important but, not important or interesting enough to keep me from thinking about playing with my penis. So I soon found myself sitting there at my school desk, blankly staring at Mrs Matthews and sporting a full blown erection. I quickly discovered however, that my enlarged penis was in a bit of a bind and noticeably uncomfortable due to the way I was sitting. So I casually and innocently shifted my weight in my seat to relieve the pressure. This allowed my confined penis to work its way loose down my pants leg where it laid comfortably along side the inner part of my right thigh.

Of course Mrs Matthews had no idea that as she taught her lesson one of her male students (me) sitting in front of her was hot and horny and packing a hardon in his pants. So she continued with the lesson as normal and even had one of the other students in my group get up from his desk and go to the chalk board to work a problem.

I, on the other hand, was having a problem of my own. It was becoming increasingly impossible to ignore my stiff penis calling up to me from my pants below. It was demanding my attention and demanding it right then. So I figured what could it hurt if I innocently dropped my hand down in my lap and gave it just one quick rub, just one mind you.

The school desks used when I was in the seventh grade were all single desks that the student slid into from the left side. They had storage space for books under the seat and a large, wooden desk top for writing purposes situated in front of the student and over his lap. This desk top was firmly attached at the right side of the desk. And more often than not it had somebody's initials carved into it. My desk top at that moment was thankfully going to serve as a convenient shield to hide my actions.

So, I slowly and casually slid my hand off of the desk top and let it drop down into my lap. Then gradually I inched my hand over to where my aching penis laid along my thigh. I could feel the warmth of it through the fabric of my pants as I tentatively began rubbing it. Oh it felt so good! I was really horny by then. And I was glad Mrs Matthews had no idea what I was doing.

The lesson continued along as usual with Mrs Matthews instructing and me rubbing my hardon under my desk top. And when Mrs Matthews called on a second student to go to the chalk board I was really glad it wasn't me. I think I would have had a hard time walking. I did however put my hand back up on top of my desk where I picked up my pencil and pretended I was paying attention.

Ah, but my throbbing penis wouldn't leave me alone. So again I innocently dropped my hand back down into my lap. This time however I was still holding onto my pencil which I quickly put to use in playing with myself. I held the pencil length ways and proceeded to discreetly rub it back and forth along my penis shaft and particularly over the head of it. I was certain that what I was doing was so subtle that Mrs Matthews wouldn't be able to notice me doing it.

As I dicreetly masturbated right there in class all I could think about was my penis. Each time my pencil rubbed over the super sensative head of it I got an enormous thrill. My mind was totally lost in my own world of self induced pleasure. And only the thin fabric of my pants prevented me from taking my throbbing erection in my hand and jacking it off right there in front of my teacher.

Then Mrs Matthews called on a third and then a fourth student in our group to go to the chalk board, leaving me alone out of the five students still sitting at my desk. She never did call on me though. I was so glad too because I was totally involved in rubbing my hardon with my pencil. Talking about luck! It was amazing that I had gotten by with what I had been doing. Eventually the other four students returned to their desks and joined me in the group. I never did have to get out of my desk. And I was so thankful for that desk with its very convenient, shielding top that concealed my masturbatory actions from my teacher, Mrs Mathews.

OK, I'm not stupid. (maybe I was back then) but I've long since realized that there was a perfectly good reason why Mrs Matthews had the other four students get up out of their desks and had spared me. And luck had nothing to do with it. She knew from the very beginning what I had been doing sitting at my desk because my desk top had concealed nothing! She probably noticed the first time I dropped my hand down into my lap and rubbed the bulge lying along my thigh. And she would have had to be blind not to notice me rubbing my pencil back and forth on it.

Why did Mrs Matthews allow me to sit there and masturbate in front of her? I don't know. Perhaps it's because I was trying not to be somewhat discreet about it. After all, I did actually think that the desk top was hiding what I was doing. Or maybe she thought it best to ignore what was an uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing situation. I think telling me to stop playing with myself right there in front of the whole class might have been embarrassing for her and surely would have been for me, let alone a class disturbance. But yet that doesn't explain why she allowed me to keep seated the whole time and made no effort to interrupt me. Maybe it's because she was being considerate and realizing that boys my age have those 'urges' simply permitted me my time to take care of myself. Or just maybe it's because she had been given the unique opportunity to observe one of her young, twelve year old male students who after becoming aroused during her class had proceeded to put on a show for her of fondling and playing with himself. And just maybe she herself had became aroused because of it. I'd like to think it's the latter. I've often fantasized that my teacher, Mrs Matthews afterwards wound up in the teacher's lounge restroom thinking about what she had observed and taking care of herself.

I welcome any comments or opinions, especially from students and/or teachers who have encountered or experienced anything similar.



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