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In Bruges

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I thought I would share this little personal memory with you all as I have enjoyed so many of your experiences.


Last summer my wife and I went to the beautiful City of Bruges for a short break to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We stayed in a quirky little hotel in the centre of the old part of the city. It was an old building in a quiet street with a relatively modern extension at the rear. Our room was at the back of the old part of the hotel looking out over a very small courtyard. The extension to the hotel projected out at right angles to our bedroom and immediately adjacent to our window. This meant that there were other bedroom windows very close to ours but just sufficiently far away that you could not look straight into someone else's room.

The weather was beautiful during our stay and very hot. One evening after sampling the local cuisine, a few beers and a pleasant stroll around the picturesque streets in the warm evening air we returned to our hotel to rekindle that honeymoon feeling.

Our room was very hot that evening and so I left the sash window fully open and drew the curtains only partially to allow some air in. We had got ourselves undressed and my wife was laying naked in bed, only partially covered by the sheet and with her wonderful breasts fully exposed. I stood beside the bed next to where she lay on the side furthest from the window. By now I had a very solid erection that jutted out just over those breasts that I love so much. She reached up and began to gently stroke my cock back and forth stopping briefly to feel my balls and softly run her finger along my perineum. I could already feel myself building to that special orgasm that we had been talking about during the evening.

As my wife slowly wanked me I leant forward and pulled the sheet down her body to reveal her neatly trimmed and, by now, very swollen pussy. I stroked it with my finger tips and saw, by the light of the bedside lamp, her stomach tense slightly at the sensation of my touch. I slipped a finger in between her lips and began to slowly spread the seeping wetness up and down her slit and over her hard clit. She began to move with my touch and started to gently lift her hips up to meet my probing finger.

As the sensation began to well up in my now throbbing cock she lifted her head and gave me a an electrifying hand massage with an increasing pace. I thought I was going to explode and returned the favour by slipping in a couple more fingers into her now sopping vagina and began to finger fuck her.

It was at this point, as I was just contemplating the delight of shooting my load over my wife's beautiful body that I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. A movement outside in the dark. Someone was watching us from outside our window! It was pitch dark outside but as I looked up the movement disappeared. It slightly threw me off my stroke and I lost concentration for a moment but my wife was unaware of what I had seen.

We both carried on masturbating each other, as we love to do and have done for the last twenty two years.

I was back in the moment once more when I saw the movement outside the window again. This time I only raised my eyes slowly to look and as they became accustomed to the dark outside I could see the head and shoulders of a beautiful young Asian woman obviously leaning precariously out of her bedroom window to get a good look at us. In the light of our lamp she could no doubt see exactly what we were doing to each other. She was, after all, only about two metres outside our window!

The sight of this young woman watching us turned me on so much that I nearly came straight away but my wife had realised my concentration had changed focus to somewhere outside and asked what I was looking at. I whispered that there was a woman watching us from outside. She looked straight over to the window but being without her glasses she could see nothing clearly and asked me if I was sure. 'Oh I'm sure' I whispered. I could now see the girl clearly and she was focussed on my cock and my wife's rhythmic hand movements.

For some reason the extra frisson of excitement caused by our voyeur suddenly disappeared and I felt slightly self conscious. My wife had also become distracted by the watcher so I walked around the bed to the window and peered round the curtain. The woman had seen me move and vanished back into her room but I could hear quiet giggling coming from the wide open window, though.

I closed the curtains and slipped into bed beside my wife. We also giggled, in that way you do when you have been caught doing something you shouldn't have! We now felt that added excitement again of being watched and were immediately back to our mutual masturbation. In seconds I came all over my wife's stomach and breasts. Moments later her body went rigid and her thighs clamped my hand, and the four fingers I had inside, her like a vice as she succumbed to one of her spectacular orgasms.

As we lay there panting and covered in our own juices we both smiled at each other at the thought of what had just happened. We have always enjoyed mutual masturbation and watching each other 'go solo' but that had been a special session courtesy of our voyeur.

The following morning at breakfast we watched every guest that came into the dining room to see if they looked like the culprit. Eventually an Asian family came in to the room with two beautiful teenage daughters. Immediately it was clear that one, or perhaps both, of these girls had been the voyeur. As soon as they saw us they both giggled at each other. Their parents looked at them bemused, as parents who have teenage giggling children do. We knew what had amused them though and would have liked to thank them for their input!

We have great memories of our few days in Bruges and I am sure they will provide added entertainment for us at future anniversaries.



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