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In Bed Together

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Written November 16, 2010, this is a fantasy about myself and my friend Catherine. I hope it turns you on as much as it has me, and prompts you to masturbate as well....


Catherine and I are in bed together. Beneath the covers. It is cool, chilly in the bedroom, but not too cold. We are warmed by the trapped heat of our bodies. We have been asleep, but no longer. It is still dark outside. Perhaps it is closer to dawn than to midnight, but daylight is still hours away.

I am on my usual side of the bed. I am laying on my left side, facing her. My left arm is beneath her, holding her close to me. My right leg is over her legs. She is more on her back, though she is facing me. I feel the warmth of her, her softness, smell her sweet fragrance. She is wearing a short, wispy nightgown, which has ridden up around her waist. The gown and her equally thin panties are perhaps made of silk, something like it. My right hand rests on her stomach, palm down, fingers spread. I slowly rub her stomach in small circles, feeling the material of her gown sliding sensuously over her warm skin. This is a lazy action, without purpose, merely a fond caress. But as she murmurs contentedly, I begin to grow in my sleep shorts until I am hard and erect and pressing against her hip.

I let my caresses become broader, circling up from her abdomen to just below her breasts, down her left side, her hip, her outer thigh, back up her inner thigh almost to her pussy, then across to her inner right thigh and hip, briefly, oh so lightly grazing over her mound, back up to her stomach, and to her breasts. Meanwhile, with my left arm still beneath her, I rub her left shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, hand, hip, and caress her bottom. She is wearing a thong so my hand is in direct contact with her skin. The timing is such that my left hand is fondling her backside at the same time as my right hand is teasing her front, and though she is relaxed and content just to lay in my embrace and receive my attentions, she signals her approval with a faint, pleasurable sigh and the easing apart of her thighs.

While my left hand continues to squeeze and fondle her buttocks, my right hand grazes teasingly over her right breast, then comes to rest gently but firmly on her left breast, cupping over it, massaging in slow circles, first one direction, then the other, causing the slick material of her gown to slide deliciously over the warm, softly yielding mound of flesh, sized just right to fill my hand with none wasted, and the, at first, soft, pliant, dimpled center which, with the irresistible friction, quickly hardens into a succulent nubbin of desire.

With that image in mind, I move my hand back to the right breast and give it the same treatment until the nipple is erect and quivering, and then I slide the neck of her gown down over her right shoulder to her upper arm, freeing her breast from its thin covering, kissing her right ear, her cheek, her lips, her jaw, her throat, her collar bone, her shoulder, the flesh between her shoulder and breast, and finally, her breast itself, all over, nibbling lightly, flicking it with my tongue, until I seal my lips over the nipple and lick and suck it gently, urgently, as if I'll never let go, except to open my mouth a little wider and take in the whole end of her breast.

Its task of liberation accomplished, my right hand moves back across to her left breast, but briefly, before working its way back down her stomach to the hem of the gown and slips beneath to caress back across her flat stomach, to tease her belly button, and move back to her left breast, now bare in my hand, while my wrist and forearm rest against the warm skin of her stomach, and my fingers gently pinch and twist the tender nub of her hard nipple. My left hand, still on her bottom, having felt the parting of her thighs, eases the fingers up between her legs to tease her mound through her panties, the crotch of which is becoming noticeably damp. However, because of the awkward position of my arm and hand, I can do little more than fondle her, until I relinquish my hold on her left breast with my right hand and trail my fingers back down her stomach.

At this, my left hand gives one last press to her pussy, then slowly withdraws, giving each buttock a firm squeeze, before caressing her left hip, and moving up her side to replace my right hand upon her left breast, but I find that she is already fondling it herself, so I rest my hand atop hers, and caress her arm and side. My right hand has now emerged from beneath her gown and is once more caressing her hips and thighs and exploring her pussy, outside of her panties, before at last dipping beneath her waistband and dragging my fingertips through her juices on the inner crotch of her panties, adding to the lubricating wetness on my fingers, and then cupping, caressing, and squeezing her mound, feeling her lips pressing and parting rhythmically against my palm, before grinding it against her, feeling her lips parting more, her clit brushing my skin, her juices smearing about, hearing her gasping, begging for more, feeling my own throbbing erection rubbing against her hip, feeling her hand grope for it, feeling her warm fingers freeing me from my shorts, wrapping around my shaft, pulling her panties down off her right hip, rubbing the head of my cock against her soft, warm skin as she slowly works the skin up and down on the shaft, causing me to leak on her hip, on her fingers, while I at last begin to use my fingers on her, probing her outer and inner lips, massaging them, caressing and teasing her clit, then rubbing it firmly with my thumb as I bury my fingers inside her, caressing her inner walls, fingering her in and out, curling my fingertips to find the sponginess that marks her G-spot, pressing it rhythmically in small circular motions.

As I massage and thrust in and out of her pussy and make love to her clitoris, and suck upon her right nipple, while she plays with her left breast and jacks me off against her hip.... When we both come, so close together as to make no difference, we are both lost in our joy and pleasure and love. We both feel cherished and desired and needed. It is the best feeling in the world, being there, together, beneath the warm covers, intoxicated by the feel and smell of each other. With our clothes disheveled and our fluids covering our skin, I roll onto my back and carry her with me so she lies atop me like a Catherine blanket. Her breasts, one bare and moist, the other still covered thinly by the nightgown, which is rucked up around her flat stomach, press softly against my chest, her pussy, only partly covered by her panties, which are pulled down on one side, baring her hip, which is coated warmly with my cum, seeps and smears her sweet juices just above my pubic mound, and her thighs softly sandwich my dick and balls, while I hold her close to me, kissing her warm mouth softly, tenderly, and massage and stroke and caress and squeeze and fondle her warm, smooth back and buttocks and backs of her thighs.

And in this perfect moment of contentedness and satisfaction and warm relaxation, we both drift off back to sleep, from which we'll awaken, kiss some more, perhaps do a little more fondling, and then make our way into a shared shower, which will present us with a whole new set of delights, before emerging, clean and dry, ready to face the day, happy in each other's company....



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