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In Africa

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When I was 18 I was involved with a humanitarian help company which served in Central Africa and spent six months there. Though it was very interesting, it all was happening in a difficult conditions. Only very seldom we stayed in the city hotel, the most of the time we spent in a village that was positioned central in the area we operated. We all lived in one huge tent divided into two parts for men and women; I was the youngest one there, all the other people were about 5-10 years older than me. There was another small tent meant as a shower, but we needed to bring the water by ourselves, so we always had the showers very quickly and at the same time. Therefore there was a no privacy at all and I who was used to masturbate quite often at home soon started to be instantly horny.

I was too scared to masturbate somewhere around, nor in the bed during the nights, being the youngest one I didn't´t want to seem immature.

Sometimes some of the guys joked about jerking off and once one of the closer friends I had there, seeing how nervous I was while the were chatting about this topic, was encouraging me to do a walk around out of camp and off to the village nearby where the pond we were getting water for the showers from. But it took me some time to do it, it was all quite flat countryside, you could see quite far and there really were not too many spots you could hide yourself, so I didn't find it useful. Instead I did a several short walks around the camp during the night, which was pretty dangerous, and masturbated extremely quickly in the dark.

Nevertheless, one afternoon I went out of the village in the direction of the pond we usually went for the water. There was a group of people having a bath there. We already saw them several times before, but until we got there with our big canisters they usually went away. This time, perhaps because I was only alone they stayed, and from the distance I saw some of the boys I knew from the village, at about my age, some of them maybe a bit younger, difficult to say, together 7-8 people. To my surprise when I got close I found they all were jerking off together; the water wasn't deep enough to cover, so I saw it clearly. Obviously with no fear they all stopped any movement and stared at me waiting for my reaction. I was so horny all the days that completely against my will I started to grow a big hard on. It was visible in my pants, because I had no underwear. They started to laugh and waved at me to join them.

First I thought to myself no way, it was too strange and what if somebody from our camp would see me. But on the other side I must admit it was quite arousing, and I knew the guys who seemed very friendly at the moment, we also tried hard to get closer to them and building some friendships-this was the great opportunity.

So I took my pants and shirt off and joined them in the water. I was the only white surrounded by these black guys, we all masturbated ourselves, they were all curious about my foreskin because all they were circumcised. I was surprised they trimmed all of their pubes while I only cut mine. I have a pretty big dick for European, they had the same size or often bigger. Later they made a circle in the water and started to ejaculate, I think I was the second one who orgasmed and they carefully looked if my semen was the same as theirs. When all of us were done they spread around the pond and some of them carried on masturbating while some others were just swimming. It was funny to think that this is the same water women in our group use for the shower. We walked all the way to the village together and then I went to my camp. I was thinking if the friend of mine knew what was happening in the pond when he was telling me to go there.

I didn't need to ask him because the two days later one of the guys stopped by to call me out with all the group and he figured out. He told me to go with them and he added he would also join us if he was my age. It was pretty strange feeling when I was leaving the camp and this mate knows exactly that I go to the pond with some group of ten guys to have a circle jerk with them, but I wanted to do it. This time I was among those who ejaculated twice and finally I didn't mind they all were somehow concentrated on my cum shot. But next time they didn't focus too much on it, they finally knew this was the same about us all. Once they came with one girl, she was a little fat but still quite pretty and I never saw her before. She was half naked but even the covered parts were good visible. At the moment I was used to jerking off in front of other boys, but I never saw any intercourse live. But no sex happened, she chose the most mature guy there and mine and at one time she gave us the hand job, while the others were watching the scene. We ejaculated on her belly and then she went to the water with us being interested in the guys who masturbated around. That day I didn't do it the second time, I wanted to keep the feeling of her hand on my dick.

We practised this every second or third day, sometimes, when it was really hot outside, we went there daily. I trimmed all my pubes to look like them except the colour of course. The group of people who were coming there usually varied, but all were from the same village, then I was a frequent host in their houses. It brought a lot of questions in our camp about how I did it, because I was the first one really close to the locals, what somehow I couldn't openly answer. But some guys including my friend knew exactly and they always told to the others that it was mainly because we were the same age. Parents and families I visited also knew exactly what we were doing there, it was kind of local teenagers habit that every male passed through in this period of his life.

Several months after I left, the next year I started to study ethnology and in one written seminary work I used this 'research' of mine. It was a huge success even if I didn't tell I was part of the group too.



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