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In a Room of People

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This was my first time touching a girl (my first girlfriend that I'm still with). I was 15 at the time.


Being my first relationship I never knew when it was okay to take the next step. For one I was nervous, and two, I really loved this girl and didn't want to rush things.

She was always the one to push our sexual relationship forward. It took me a month to kiss her, a couple months later she placed my hand on her chest (over her shirt) and a couple weeks before my story takes place, she placed my hand between her legs.

The following two weeks were pretty eventful, every chance I could I would rub her through her jeans. Her moans into my ear gave me so much satisfaction. We were hanging out on a Sunday at our friends house for her birthday party. We spent the first hour watching part of 300 and when we got bored everyone decided to go do something else. My girlfriend and I were the last two in the room. We had been sitting in the same recliner seat and started to make out a little, she whispered into my ear that she wanted me to rub her. I placed my hand between her legs and felt the warmth. I rubbed her a little while we kissed and she began to moan. As turned on as I was I quickly realized our friends would start to realize what was going on so I stopped. She was sad but I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before escorting her out of the room.

We all ended up watching a british comedy sitcom in birthday girl's room. My girlfriend and I sat on the bed, one friend to our right, another to our left, and two on the floor below us. Throughout the show I would tease her with some gentle rubs between her legs, starting on her thighs and slowly making my way up. This went on for a while until I finally had my hand rested on her belly. Around this same time, the girl to our right had to leave. My left leg was slightly bent and our friend to our right couldn't see what we were doing.

Her belly was so soft and I was so turned on, without much thought I moved one of my fingers under the waistband of her shorts. She looked up at me, I didn't know what to do so I just kissed her. I didn't want to make any move before I knew it would be okay, I kept moving my hand around the entrance to her shorts. She soon opened the doors for me by lifting up her shorts and underwear slightly. I moved my hand in, I moved my hand down till I felt her trimmed bush, I kept moving down; as I passed her clit she squeezed my arm with her left hand. I got to the entrance of her vagina. It was so wet. Because of the angle we were at I couldn't really get inside. I just pressed down a little and got some of her juices on my fingers. I pulled them out and tasted her. I put my hand back in a couple more times, each time trying new things to see what she liked, but the angle made my actions limited.

She told me she wanted a break, I leaned back and she kind of leaned up against me. I was rubbing her back for a while and I eventually found my hand over her panties feeling her butt. She then turned her body toward me and off the bed a little, I was able to slide my hand further down into her pants. I reached the wet spot in her underwear and rubbed her, I eventually moved her panties to the side to feel her vagina again. This new angle was amazing, I was able to feel around her vagina without having to bend my fingers.

I slipped a finger inside, she squeezed my arm and moved her mouth to my ear. I slowly moved my fingers in and out of her sweet hole. She quietly moaned into my ear. I alternated from rubbing her clit through her panties and pushing them aside to feel inside her. Her quiet moans lasted until she whispered to me, 'use two fingers'. I was so turned on, I inserted another finger into her. It was so much tighter and I couldn't get in too deep but she loved it.

My fingers were so wet with her juices by the time I pulled them out. She saw them and opened her mouth, I brought my fingers to her and she sucked on them, she then turned her head to me to give me our best kiss to this day.

I really don't know if any of our friends caught on to what we were doing, anytime someone moved or started to look over we stopped for a second.



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