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In a Nightclub

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Doesn't everyone dream of a wild lover when they're at university? Mandy was mine, and much more.


Mandy was 18 when I met her. It was her fourth day at university, the middle of Freshers Week (or F-a Fresher Week as older students know it).

Average height, slim build, long legs that were the first thing to catch my attention, and a Mancunian accent that has left me forever fond of women from the Manchester area.

She seemed a little out of place and unsure of herself, not surprising as she'd probably scarcely met her coursemates yet, and the people she was sharing her halls of residence with probably wouldn't turn out to be friends in the long run. Having been there, done that a few years before, I said hello and we started talking.

As the night progressed, I could feel myself falling deeper and deeper in lust for this seemingly shy girl with a wild streak that scarcely seemed to need any encouragement to come out. She tried to drink me under the table, and failed, and her forfeit was to dance the rest of the night with me, a night that ended up back at my room where we ended up in bed together. It wasn't long before we were almost inseparable and, just for added fun, being a student nurse fresh out of school, she had both uniforms available for added spice. I was in heaven.

Her school uniform came into play a few months later when we went with some friends to a nightclub for my birthday, on a night where everyone was expected to dress up in school uniform. She'd been teasing me and winding me up all day, rubbing up against me, brushing her hand in my lap and so on, and running off before I had a chance to do anything about it. That night, though, I had the little tease all to myself. Well, me, here and maybe two thousand other people in the club.

After an hour or so, we got separated from our friends and found ourselves in a darkened corner where a few couples were making out. Mandy led me to the a spare chair, neither right in the darkness, nor visible to anyone passing, but certainly anyone who looked at us would have no trouble working out what was happening as Mandy straddled my legs, her pleated skirt splaying out around her as she quickly undid my fly and slipped her hand inside.

I wanted to object, for some reason. I didn't want to get kicked out of the club with my trousers around my ankles, for one thing. But Mandy was fearless when she was turned on, and within a few short seconds she had me out in the open, her slim hand bobbing firmly up and down as she leant forward to kiss me. That, at least, made it slightly less obvious what was going on, at least, until she used her spare hand to quickly undo her blouse and pull down her bra, leaving her almost naked from the waist up.

It was all too much. My wild girlfriend jerking me off with her pert little breasts jiggling for all to see pushed me over the edge. With a loud gasp I started to come, and Mandy expertly angled the spray onto her stomach and breasts. As the spray subsided, she swiped up the last of the cum and licked it off her hand with relish, before quickly rearranging her clothes so that she looked halfway decent, except for the cum soaking through her blouse.

I was spent, unable even to gather my thoughts enough to cover myself up as Mandy winked at me and laughed, before taking me in hand once more to tuck my dick away and do up my trousers.

I glanced around at the other occupants of our corner of the club. Most were making out. One guy had chanced his arm (as it were) by slipping his hand up his partner's skirt, but both looked highly skittish about the situation. What a contrast to my wild lover, who even now had a light in her eyes that told me that my night wasn't over yet, not by a long shot.

That was one night among many for myself and Mandy. Probably the one most suitable for this site, but believe me, they were all memorable.



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