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In a Hotel Room With Our Folks

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Sharing a hotel bed with my little sister with our parents one bed over . . .


Over the course of the previous few months I'd come to learn that my little sister liked cum. That might be understating it. My little sister loved the stuff. This shocking fact had come to light one day after school. Unbeknown to me, my sister was home from school early and in her room. While I was jacking to a porno, she was spying on me. When I caught her spying, she didn't deny it. She simply asked me to continue while she watched-she never laid a finger on me. She had me finish the act by jacking myself directly into her mouth. I was blown away by the fact that my very normal looking little sister was really a closet perv, kind of like her big brother.

It wasn't an isolated incident. A few days later, it happened again, and soon after that, and again. Before too long, it was a regular thing, me jacking off to my little sister's horny encouragement, culminating in my finishing into her mouth. She barely ever missed a drop.

She even seduced a couple of my friends. On one occasion, in cahoots with sis, I spied the scene from her closet. In any case, it was early summer and my small family was traveling on vacation. We frequently took long car trips, and by long, I mean 'long.' It wasn't unusual in those days of cheap gas for us to travel halfway across the country to see the sights or visit with family. My dad always drove. My sister and I would occupy the back seat.

We'd stopped late on afternoon in Gallup, New Mexico, after a long dull day of driving. The hotel was your typical two-story cinder block construction roadside motor lodge with a cool western themed 15-foot-tall neon sign out front. There were dozens of such hotels, but Dad had selecting a nice one. It was almost new, with clean linens, fresh paint and faintly-new-smelling wall to wall carpeting.

As always, we shared one room with double beds, mom and dad in the bed by the entry and sis (13) and I (almost 16) in the other.

If I were to say that I was always good, I'd be lying. I loved playing with my cock and would do so every few nights when I was convinced that everyone was asleep. That, again, is a different story.

This story is about how in the middle of the dark night I got yet another surprise from my little sister.

It was late, late, probably two am or so, and we'd had a busy day, what with the drive, a couple hours playing in the pool and then dinner out at a decent local vinyl-booth family restaurant.

Sis always wore the same thing to bed, a thin, gauzy two-layer shorty nightgown that seemed as though it ought to be more revealing than it was, much to my constant frustration. Despite her feasting on my cum of late, I'd caught just a few quick glimpses of sis partially nude. It didn't seem fair, but considering my enviable position, I was smart enough not to make a point out of it.

Sis almost always slept with her back to me, which I actually liked. Occasionally we'd rub up against each other while trying to get to sleep, and it was electric.

That night I just wanted to get off.

When I was convinced everyone was asleep, I carefully slid my underwear down my legs and off, trying not to rustle the covers too much. Luckily, the powerful room air conditioner made a bit of a racket, so I didn't have to be painfully carefully, as was the case in a couple of other rooms we'd stayed in during our trip.

After succeeding in getting my underwear off, I was totally naked under the covers, which was erotic in and of itself, and I was already super hard.

I started stroking my cock, carefully putting some of my saliva on my hand and wetting it all around the big head, slowly working it around. I was about two minutes into my routine when I heard a faint rustle coming from my sister's side. I moved my hand off my cock, afraid, for some silly reason, to get caught by her, and waited.

A moment later, it happened. Her arm moved back behind her and her hand settled, as if guided by radar, directly onto my cock. She squeezed.

'Oh my fucking god!' I thought to myself, 'It's really happening!' It was the first time my sister had ever touched me.

I kept still and waited to see where this would go. Would it be just a one-squeeze deal, or would more happen?

As I was wondering, my sister started to move, spinning around so she was facing me and then sliding down so she was under the covers, face to 'face' with my cock.

She began stroking it, my parents just a few feet away, soundly asleep (at least I hoped they were) in their double bed.

As she stroked me, very expertly, I imagined what it must look like, her blonde pony tailed head inches away from my cock, her eyes riveted in the dark on my hardness. As she continued to slide her hand up and down my length, I became almost frantic in my arousal. And I was getting wetter and wetter, and I realized with a start that sis was drooling her own spit onto my tool as she jacked me!

I wasn't going to last very long, and I was struggling to keep quiet as sis jacked me.

And without warning, I started to come. It was a deep, gut wrenching cum that started from my balls and spread though my heaving chest, all of it complicated by the fact that I was trying to be totally still! I figured the worst that could happen is that my folks would figure I was jacking off while everybody slept, which I doubt they'd be mad about or even mention.

But it wasn't me who was doing the deed. It was my straight-laced, straight-A student little sister who was jacking my big wet cock with her small white hand. Even though I couldn't see exactly what was going on under the covers in the dark, I had no doubt. She was directing my cum right into her mouth.

I came and came, waves of pure bliss shaking me to the core. And as I recovered, sis kept slowly stroking me back to earth. Finally, after what seemed like a few minutes, she surfaced for air. She came face to face with me and without hesitating gave me a very light kiss directly on the lips, afterward whispering, 'Thanks,' and adding after a moment, 'I love you,' before turning over and going to sleep.

I licked my lips and tasted a very faint taste of myself there, reminding me of the flavor that sis loved so much. It wasn't bad.

I moved in and spooned up behind her, lovingly. She snuggled back, taking my top hand and placing it lightly on her right breast. That's the position we found ourselves in when we awoke a few hours later, the morning light filling the room through the partly opened curtains and dad brewing a pot of hotel room coffee.

'Good morning, guys,' he smiled, and I quickly rolled back over, doing my best impression of someone who hadn't done anything at all.

I hoped he bought it.



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