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In a Dressingroom I Changed to Myself

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Yes, I really did this and totally enjoyed. It was this experience, as the point of no return, accepting I am a Woman who finds comfort and pleasures with a Woman


This happened a while ago, before I became honest with myself by accepting the enjoyment of my true thoughts with pure feelings. I have written this so many times in my mind. The account of my past wanting to come out of my soul, what I wanted to be, for all to see my choice and need to share with Women. Until I wrote this, it was only played for my benefit when I was in private for my self-pleasure. What incredible continuing Orgasms followed what I had done. Orgasms not near the magnitude of that moment in time that I dared myself to perform, once a fantasy, I took chance for an audience. Yet, the entertaining was not for the audience, it was for my pleasure to enjoy.
The Sales Girl, Brenda, was talking to me as she helped me with my choice of design and colors. She was just plain 100% exciting to me, her eyes, facial features, and beautiful proportioned body to shapeliness.
I mentioned to her my interest to try them on to see myself in the dress with the clothing we thought matching and our discussion of style & color still fresh in my in my mind. Actually at forefront of my thinking was an Old Fashion 'Visual' (a game I play to think in my mind of what she would look like, as the mental process removes one article at a time or whatever the hot choices).
As if she was walking on a cloud, she lead they way, gliding across the showroom floor. As I walked a bit behind her pace, the visual game of my mind's eye buzzed many creations of erotic dreams. Her shape so stunning, no dress is manufactured as if a mirror of the body. The stores seamstress must have fit her that morning for the dress she was wearing. The darted pleats of her waist and chest, perfectly hidden in the dress design. Not the slightest sign of stretch requested by the zipper making a straight line down the back of her dress. I never realized how that straight line could beautifully mark her proportions. I no longer hid away my rich suffocating feeling that seemed to have blocked my sexual arousal portholes from acknowledging my building excitement.
We arrived at the dressing rooms in the rear of the store. A generous amount of heavy curtain material hung from a heavy rod to about one foot length from the floor. As if a stagehand for the performer she held open the curtain for me to enter. Like a duck lame from making a landing on an ice-covered pond, the passion knotted in my tummy felt about to burst. Sheer embarrassment held me from exploding as I passed Brenda, having one more look at the wonderful creation of my arousal. I felt I was waddling past Brenda and into the den to change.
I had become fixated watching her tight fanny movements with each stride we had made. I use to love squeezing my friend's fanny when I was experience my first few teen times with a girl. That was before I became aware of the pleasures hidden inside! Hearing the curtain close after my entrance, my wobbly legs and shortness or breathing gave way to my body collapse to the single chair.
She made a comment through that I could ask for assistance or chat while I was trying on the garments, as she would be nearby posting guard for my privacy. This was not the usual comment made to prevent anyone changing to walking out of the store without paying.
Within a few moments of gathering my 'senses', yet my thoughts still whirling like a Merry-Go-Round, I kept my movements simple. While I came to my senses, the yearning desires of my knotted tummy screamed for immediate attention. Thinking to myself of the fastest relief that was also quiet. God, I needed to Orgasm so dearly. My thinking was clear, my arousal was high and my body was wanting. Then I realized, Brenda being just outside, 'posting guard for my privacy' was further fueling my excitement. This was my thrilling chance of being caught while intimately tending to these erotic thoughts I secreted of her.
When living at home, after sharing intimate awakening with each, we would respect giving privacy for our desires. Yet the first few times I accidentally found a son in the throws of beating-off, I would try to keep my composure and excuse myself. Later when I did by accident, if unknown, I would depart. If unknown, I'd take in enough of a short moment for my mind's eye to retain. In either case it seemed so natural to become aroused, I immediately found a place for me to give myself a private moment to Masturbate my desire to Orgasm.
At this unusual time and place, I was in such need. My husband neglecting my need, even before leaving on his business travel. Helping my sons, as they pack to return for College, they did not sense desire to be comforted. So busy, I had not found my usual moments of solitude to Masturbate. The hell with it, I wanted and needed to Climax. I do not care if there were negative consequence being discovered by Brenda. Raw sex took over my thought, reason and drive. I hooked the garments hangers on the wall next to the full mirror.
The show was about to start as I unbuttoned my shirt making sure to hang it and the rest of my clothes so no one would see, under the opening below the curtain of my privacy, a pile of my cloth grow at the pace I was stripping. As I set my breast free of the warmth confined in my bra of generated sexual heat, I was not surprised to see the arousal reflected in my erect nipple that I viewed in the mirror. However, the mirror could not warn me of my bare breasts causing me to gasp, when they suddenly became wrapped from a sensation causing an erotic pinch to my hard nipples exposed to the cooler air of the room. The full length viewed my stripping as if I was seeing an X-Rated movie of myself from a camera. I watched the featured performer bending down to sit, I slid my panties off, falling to the floor.
My pores of passion started to open, while I made my last conscious adjustment by laying my high cut thong panty on the seat of the chair. I thought, with disillusion, that the fanny form indent of the plastic seat made in this plastic would be a catch basin for what I felt ready to bursting from inside my pussy. My pool of passion would absorb in my panties! No tell tail sign would be found by the next patron of this dressing room?
Having made my preparation for this seemingly long awaited moment to finally care for this immediate need, I sat in the chair making myself comfortable in front of the mirror. No need to close my eyes and dream fantasy, I was going to watch as I gave myself pleasure and live reality of what others would only dare to dream in secret, nor mention thought of this fantasy to another Woman. How silly of all the secret fantasies for a girl to want. It would never be a fantasy for her to Masturbate as she thought she was watching a Female watching herself Masturbate in a dressing room mirror, while the sales woman was on the other side of the room's curtain and could hear most any noise of the dressing room.
As I sat in front of the dressing room mirror I focused on the Woman in the mirror, sitting in a chair, making herself comfortable and ready to give herself an Orgasm. I was sitting in the front row, I could see all of the woman before me, I could hear the whisper of her inhaling deeply as she placed her left hand the base of her right breast, cupping herself firmly squeezing in an upward motion as her fingers wrapped around to catch her erect nipple with her thumb and front fingers. She watched herself show in the mirror as all her nipple became darker color as her arousal rose from pinching with firmness pull up and out of her palm. She was close enough to see only the woman's nipple supporting the weight of her breast as eyes closed enjoying the sensation until letting go to cup her breast and repeat her pleasure.
As a sign of arousal I saw her legs slowly spreading, her trimmed area thinned to perfectly see the arousal causing her button to swell in size, unable to hide under it's hooded protection and privacy. I could see her emerging clit look exactly as my Girlfriend's have described mine! I was so close to the Woman in the mirror and wanted to pleasure myself so much I could actually feel my button as I had on my nipples as the Woman in the mirror quietly coo'd as the cool air of the room kissed her sensitive pearl now extending as I am told mine does when wanting attention so dearly from my girlfriend's have done to me. The woman passion began to melt her in the seat as her legs parted further and her fanny slid just enough for me to see all of her beautiful puffing lips and the lines of glistening silver distinguishing her folds. As her hand that gripped her seat at the side, let go and moved on her skin over her tummy to the inside of her right thigh. She started to tickle the area of her thigh near her pussy. Oh, how I love that feeling when done to me. It raise tightness in my throat of thrill and lust I become so excited I am told my nectar starts it's fast moistening of my lips asking for a touch or tap for needed attention. As I watch the Woman's hand I could feel her fingers begin tracing & teasing the softness of her swollen rose pedals. I felt wetness dripping between my fanny cheeks, as the Woman in front of me showed excitement rising, I saw her lips parting without touch as her juices flowed in a slow stream onto her spread line of her fanny. This Woman's performance I was viewing seemed as if I were watching everything I desired and do when I privately pleasure myself. So much so I could feel her feeling herself, her what I want to do, and smell so wonderfully sweet it is intoxicating me to greater arousal.
I have watched girls I have found self pleasure as they took themselves to Orgasm. These girls I had found who would never let any boy touch her fanny, as they took themselves into their next Orgasm with the plastic toy, they said they had no need for, that vibrator turned on and slide into their fanny while on their side facing the door I closed but watch through the crack left open, I saw the finger withdrawn from inside their pussy and suck their juice from each finger, savoring their post Orgasm taste. I always enjoy watching my girlfriend so hot for Climaxing they just start Masturbating with me there to see their secret performance. Yes, and I have grown to love showing my private performance to them also. But it is only a special Man or consenting boys that I will give honor to witness my secret way I Masturbate.
My female performer is now breathing heavy, she does not want to gasp or moan for fear her guard of privacy will hear and know or might open the curtain to find she Masturbating for her! As I can see as if myself, this Woman I am watching in the mirror before me must give herself, although quietly, her right of sexual celebration. She has been waiting too long.
I have waited while watching this beautiful Woman in the mirror play and tease herself. I want her to see me and watch me. I want her to want to Masturbate watching me naked in a fashion store dressing room; the sales clerk, Brenda, has waited as I watched the show in the mirror. She is now wondering my activities, I have started my passion with hands roving pleasure, I cannot stop now, I am too far and too close. My legs are shaking, oh if she sees my shaking. I cannot stop Masturbating I want to have my Orgasm I want to Explode thinking of Brenda just outside the Curtain.
I am going to Climax, I might get caught, people might hear me lost in a sexual trance of joy, my eyes are closing hands roaming, I hear Brenda near the curtain talking to someone, Oh my God....
I have Masturbated in a dressing room ;-)



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