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Improved Sex Life

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What I thought was a perfect sex life has dramatically improved over the last six months. I got married a little more than a year ago and my husband and I have become more intimate than ever.


Six months ago my husband hinted that he would like my pubic hair shaven. Our sex life had been wonderful and we always discussed our likes and dislikes. When I did shave my pubic hair, right away I appreciated oral sex more. Never did I realize at the time how masturbation would become such a big part of our sex life. I think the fact that I had no pubic hair stimulated my husband even more than usual. He began shaving me once or twice a week and by the time he finishes I am wet and totally aroused by it. Just the ways he touched me while shaving me was arousing and afterwards he would finger me to orgasm.

It was he who suggested vibrators and dildos and I was apprehensive about it at first. We purchased a full kit of different sizes and shapes of dildos which came with two different size vibrators. We continue to have normal sex regularly but once or twice a week we would consentrate on masturbating each other. We do it different ways, but usually take turns pleasing each other. At first we did it in the bedroom but now put a quilt on the dining room table and take turns masturbating each other. He has been shaving me every week and a few months ago I began shaving him. I not only shave around his penis but also shave his scrotum.

I had never had a dildo or vibrator in me before this but was overwelmed by them right from the start. I knew right away my husband enjoyed using them on me just by the time he took just to please me and satisfy me. The first time he used an anal vibrator on me I was so delirious with passion I didn't even realize what he was doing at first. He often mentions the number of times I orgasm when he masturbates me and says he likes to see me cum as often as possible. I always orgasm more than once and he has told me at times that I orgasmed four or five times in one night. We never have anal sex but now each time he masturbates me he either inserts an anal vibrator in me or a dildo never telling me which. I never thought something like that could be so arousing but now appreciate the excitement it gives me.

When I masturbate him I use either baby oil or lotion spreading it all over his penis, scrotum and anus. I start with a small dildo but soon begin inserting the vibrator into him. The first time I did it he wasn't expecting me to do that but seemed to responed to it right away and liked me doing it. Like I said before we talk to each other often about our sex together and say what we like. Before he comes he always wants me to pull the dildo or vibrator out of him and tells me when. It's amazing but I think he ejaculates more semen when I masturbate him than he does when we have sex.

We shave each other once and sometimes twice each week when we masturbate each other. The sensation without pubic hair is much more intense for both of us. I did tell my one girlfriend what my husband and I do and she sort of thinks I am crazy. I orgasm so many times each week that I sometimes think she is right. I can't explain how wonderful it is and know my husband enjoys it also. He recently asked to let him masturbate between my breasts. He doesn't do it often but he puts his penis between my breasts holding them around him. I laugh when he does this because it looks funny but he seems to enjoy doing that. As much as he satisfies me I can never deny him pleasing himself. It doesn't stimulate me when he does that but I enjoy watching him cum since the head of his penis is facing me.

We usually shave and masturbate each other on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Many times in my office at work I get aroused just thinking of what we will do that evening. We try different ways to stimulate each other and at times in work I anticipate what he will do to me that particular night. What positions he will have me in and how many different ways, different vibrators or dildos he will use on me. I won't admit this to my husband but I actually enjoy our masturbation sessions more than regular sex. His penis is big enough but I think it would hurt his feelings if I told him that. I never thought masturbation would become such an important part of my sex life.



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