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Important Lessons for Hs Class

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Because of the need to see in order to understand and believe, just call it an educational experience.


There have been several postings on solotouch about human sexuality classes in college as well as in high school. It is such a delight to know that our young people are getting a much better education than my generation did. Probably some of the lack of our elders telling us may have been due to the fact that they simply did not know. What a loss for many generations with both men and women not knowing that females have a gem hidden in their Treasure Chest that can give them not only profound pleasure, but also far more simultaneous orgasms than a male can experience in one session of self-stimulation.
It was during the first semester of biology in our junior year of high school about 46 years ago that we had a one day lesson on the composition of female and male bodies and reproduction. The text book had line drawings, frontal and side view of both male and female as well as cut away views showing the interior composition of the female body and a male with a flaccid penis (hanging down, not erect), nothing erotic at all, just educational. As I recall, sometime during the class, the instructor made the statement that when a male deposits sperm inside the female, pregnancy can result. It seems to me that there may have been a line drawing of a sperm or several sperms surrounding an egg and the comment that only one of the million would break through to cause fertilization.
It was such a generic description about body composition and reproduction that our instructor's nephew laughed. Whether it was a nervous laugh or one making fun of the instructor, I'll never know, but somehow it ruined any fun we may have anticipated as youths. Whether the clitoris was mentioned or not as the various body parts were pointed out, I can't remember. However, I do remember that NO comment at all was made about the pleasure a female's clitoris or a male's penis can give.
We guys all knew about pleasuring ourselves. One time in the locker room, one guy suggested that we all 'jack off' -- but something caused a short-circuit. I think we heard the clomp, clomp of the school principal coming up the stairs. But we did not know that females have a pleasure button that they can push that responds marvelously to tickling and can send thrills throughout their bodies also.
How sad, because our parent's generation never told any of us anything at all about making love in marriage, reproduction, nor pleasure. That class could have been the 'day of enlightenment' for all of us. It was the logical day to enlighten us all, but being a very conservative community, the instructor would very likely have gone down in infamy and lost his position, even though the material was educational and we enjoyed him as a coach.
Times have changed and college professors as well as high school teachers are informing their students in a much more enlightened manner about the intricacies of our bodies, reproduction, and pleasure and are allowing discussion! Although the rest of this contribution to solotouch is nothing more than a delightful fantasy for me, expanding (pun) for several mornings in a row, it could very well be the most important lesson that Human Sexuality classes anywhere may see in order to learn. After the line drawings in the test book have been covered (uncovered!), the instructor could announce, 'I have a surprise for you today! We're going to look at some live sperm under a microscope! We'll be able to note their quantity as well as their activity and observe the fluid they are swimming around in!'
The next step depends on whether the teacher/professor is male or female, but I hope either will allow the students the choice to decide which method they choose to gather the sperm for viewing under the microscope.
1. A sample of sperm could be brought into the classroom from outside the classroom in a lab vial, if a male instructor, possibly even his own sample.
2A. A male teacher/professor could simply pump his own magic wand in the classroom for the students to see his own actual ejaculate as well as observing the process of his building up to an ejaculation. Men, is this something you have fantasized about doing in front of your class?
2B. A female teacher/professor could 'milk' a non-class male to orgasm for the students to observe his ejaculation.
3A. The teacher/professor could ask for one volunteer male to come forward. To avoid any homosexual connotations, a male instructor would allow the male student to work up his own excitement and pump out his own ejaculation.
3B. A female instructor would most likely want to 'milk' the male student's shaft for the students to see him get all excited before ejaculating his sperm. Although a female instructor would most likely enjoy this, probably all the male students would volunteer! So Option 4 is probably the most likely!
Note that in each of the 3 options above, since there is only one sample, only one microscope would be used, even though many slides could be made from one sample. However, several microscopes should be on standby perchance Option 4 is chosen.
Option 4. The instructor could ask the students for a vote, indicating that unless it is unanimous, the option would be cancelled. It could even be a ballot vote so no one would be obligated to participate perchance they view it as objectionable. Option 4 allows female students to 'milk' the male students one-on-one, simultaneously all at the same time all around the classroom! While standing at the lab tables, students could observe activity all around the table! Since there are many sperm samples being provided, each pair of students would have their own set of glass slides to set up under the microscope!
Since each of the male's shafts would be fully visible for all to see, it is only fair that the female students be naked from the waist up while 'milking' the sperm from their fellow students! The males would drop their clothes from the bottom half of their bodies while the females would remove clothing from the top half of their bodies! With their bare breasts standing perky right out front for the male to see while the female is 'milking' him, their stimulation should not take long for each of the males to ejaculate fairly quickly! The class should be told several weeks in advance that a 'very special lesson is being planned several weeks from now and males are required not to work up an ejaculation in the meantime.' Oh, my own manhood is really standing at full attention, looking up at me and begging to be touched while I'm typing right now, fantasizing about such an exciting class! Partial nudity should really get their hormones racing!
To add some real sparkle to the procedure of gathering sperm for viewing under the microscope, prizes could be offered to the female students in six categories:
1. The female who succeeds in 'milking' sperm from the male student the quickest!
2. The female who succeeds in taking the longest time to 'milk' sperm from her male partner!
3. The female who succeeds in making her classmate shoot his sperm the farthest, possibly clear across the table to land on the floor on the other side!
4. The female who succeeds in making her classmate shoot his sperm the highest!
5. The female who succeeds in making her classmate shoot the biggest quantity of sperm!
6. The female who succeeds in making her male partner achieve multiple orgasms (not just multiple squirts during the same orgasm)!
Ties would be allowable and perfectly acceptable in every category. Granted there are 'hard feelings' being caused all around the classroom by all this competition! However, there is no need causing discord. It's okay for several to win as the prizes can be shared. Possibly even other activities could be added to make the contest even more interesting! Keep in mind that females should not be allowed to suck the sperm from their male partners because then the sample would be diluted if she spit it out or would be lost if swallowed and could not be observed under the microscope!
Although an immediate hug would be expected and acceptable as soon as the sperm was 'milked' and the hug would most likely include fondling the female's soft, beautiful, tender breasts, the instructor should announce, 'The best is yet to come/cum! But first, each pair needs to collect their own sperm samples from all over the table and view them under the microscope and then clean up!'
This delay could cause some real anticipation because the male students with shafts standing up and females with breasts sticking out would be required to circle the entire classroom in pairs, viewing each male's sample of sperm and carefully check for different quantity as well as sperm activity under each microscope! Perhaps none of the males produced many sperm, it could be observed casually that they had all violated the instructor's request several weeks prior!
When the sperm samples have all been viewed and the tables cleared, the prizes would be awarded as follows after the instructor gets everyone's attention, which could be difficult because the entire class is half naked! The instructor would announce, 'To each of the winners in the six categories, the female's prize will be a return favor from her male partner!!! Now listen carefully. The return favor on the part of the winners allows each of the the female winners to CHOOSE whether she wants her fellow student to stimulate her clitoris with his fingers only or whether she would appreciate his kissing her entire pubic area, licking on her clit and sucking on it to make it engorge while tickling it with his tongue! Females, after taking off the rest of your clothes, lie on the table rather than on the floor because this is a lab setting. There are wrestling mats along the walls you can place on the tables, if you wish. If you choose for your partner to stimulate you manually, lie full length on the table so your partner can stand alongside you to stimulate you. If you choose for him to stimulate you orally, slide to the end of the table, spread your legs, and place them over his shoulders to give him easy access to your private area! Hopefully, class time allowed will give him time to touch your Love Next and fondle you down there before touching his cheeks to your fuzzy hair to tickle his cheeks before getting on with awarding you the well-earned prize you deserve!'
When the first place winners are in position ready to receive the prizes they earned, the instructor again asks for attention and announces, 'Those in the second place bracket will not be called losers, but rather runners up. The penalty for the males is that you will not be allowed to touch the females to stimulate them at all, but will only be allowed to watch your female partners tickle their own clits. You have already been milked, so no one is allowed a second orgasm. (Possible exceptions explained later.) You are not allowed to touch yourselves at all. The penalty for the females is that you will not have the privilege nor pleasure of having your male partner stimulate you to orgasm. Your partner will just have to stand by or sit by helplessly and quietly while having a raging erection, begging for attention, while he passively observes you stimulating yourself to orgasm. To make this absolutely excruciating for your male partners, you may choose to delay your orgasm as long as absolutely possible with the intention of being the last one to orgasm in order to receive yet another prize, the Grand Prize!'
When the winning males students have completed awarding the prizes to their female partners, bringing them to orgasm, everyone will likely gather around to watch the females finishing going solo! But again, no more than one pleasuring this class session. No one will be allowed to touch themselves while observing! Just let the tension build again unmercifully! When the last female going solo finally orgasms a delightful orgasm for everybody to see and delight in, the instructor announces, 'The final prize being awarded to the female solo lasting the longest will be to have her lab partner bring her to orgasm now, regardless whether she caused herself to experience multiple orgasms while everyone was watching!' Then speaking to the Grand Prize winner, the instructor continues, 'Since your lab partner has been penalized so heavily by having to watch you pleasure yourself all this time without touching himself, we will give him the choice whether to pleasure you digitally or orally.'
The instructor explains why this is called the Grand Prize, 'Although the longest lasting female going solo WAS one of those in second place for not causing her male partner to succeed in any of the 6 first place positions, she ultimately will receive the Grand Prize! Not only did she achieve orgasm solo while her partner and classmates watched her bring herself to a fabulous orgasm, she will now be awarded with having her lab partner pleasure her to orgasm the SECOND TIME while everybody is watching!'
WOW! OH, WOW! How I wish I could be there! How do I wish I could be a participant in all this fantastic activity! Even though the males in class had their sperm 'milked' early in the class period, by the time all the sperm samples have been viewed under the microscopes, the lab tables cleared, and the females have all experienced orgasm while the males were stimulating them or watching while forced to leave their organs untouched, we can only speculate that they would rush to the nearest restroom, empty classroom, wait in the classroom till after the buzzer sounds and hope that another class in not coming in too soon, or go back to their dorm room to empty their balls again!
A male instructor would enjoy the class, having emptied his balls early on (See Options 1 & 2A), but guess what?!!! The entire class session would be hardest on a female instructor who would be expected to refrain from bringing herself to orgasm -- UNLESS there was an uneven number of students in class, with males outnumbering the females, in which case she could 'milk' all the males who did not have a female class partner! Wouldn't that be something for her to remember later while self-pleasuring! Then, in turn, she could be pleasured by EACH of the males who was one of her winners!!!! Barb, I hope you're enjoying pleasuring yourself while reading! I hope also that your Intro to Human Sexuality has more males than females enrolled!
A word about myself is probably in order. Having planned a number of major public events, I had to think through every aspect from beginning to end very carefully. So when it comes to sexual activity, what can I do but plan the various aspects thoroughly also from beginning to end! I've certainly enjoyed fantasizing early morning yesterday and composing today! I was going to tell you about awakening the last two mornings with extraordinary erections, but this is long enough, so will close and attend to some very urgent business!
A disclaimer needs to be given that although some people only consider 'sex' to be genital-to-genital contact, I've probably committed adultery by the way Jesus described it in Matthew 5. Not only have I lusted, I'm submitting my fantasy to the web for Sexuality classes to tally on their charts. What am I to do? Fantasize while bringing myself to orgasm and not share it? That would be selfish not to share my thoughts and help you experience a good time also, even though I'm not there in person for us all to share our thrills together.
At any rate, for educational purposes, it seems that students nowadays can easily view sperm under a microscope, whether or not it is a classroom activity. Whether sperm is collected in a tube to viewed in private under a microscope for personal enjoyment and one's own educational learning or multiple samples are 'milked' in a classroom setting and spurted all over the tables for educational purposes, females need to know what it is that males pump into their bodies during intercourse so they understand why pregnancy can result from making love and take precautions not to bring disgrace upon themselves and their families before marriage. Wishing you all lots and lots and lots of exciting thrills during solos and duets while I play a solo on my flute now while proofreading for type-o's, accompanied by you all in a great symphony! I've enjoyed fantasizing and composing. Whether or not you will ever see sperm under a microscope or not, I don't know, but hope so. I was alone when I saw my sperm under a microscope about 20 years ago after we bought one for our daughter. 'Nuff. RC
PS I was able to hold off an ejaculation while proofreading clear to the 3rd last paragraph! rc



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