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Men, imagine, if you will, never having seen your own genitals. You know they are there, but you have never, indeed can never really see them. That is what it is for girls and women. Oh the feelings are there, and when we start our periods, believe me, you know they are there, but unless you have a mirror, and are prepared to get into some pretty unusual positions, you really don't know what is between your legs, or, and perhaps this is most important, whether or not you are normal.

Boys see each others willies whenever they get changed for PE, or for that matter, pee. We don't. The most we see is each others pubic hair or lack of it, and perhaps, the top or ones slit, but other than that, the real action point remains hidden. This is how I discovered mine,


I was curious as all hell. I knew my vagina, my pussy, my cunt. All those delicious salacious words. I knew periods, and the awful sticky pubic hair that comes with arousal. I knew orgasms too, from the age of 13.

It was then, one hot summer day that. I decided I would look at myself properly. I took a large mirror out into our garden to a secret place I knew, shed my panties and skirt, and squatted over it. Of course,squatting spread my lips, and because I was almost naked out doors, I was already aroused. I remember looking at the soft pink flesh. I could see my pee hole, but also my pussy too, and as I became more aroused, it seemed to be changing shape, opening, until I could see my hymen.

I remember too watching as I got wetter and wetter. I remember the soft puckered skin of my asshole too. For some strange unaccountable reason, I felt like I wanted to pee and watch myself.

Of course, I now knew what I looked like and for several weeks, a couple of times a week, I would take my mirror to my secret place and look. Sometimes I would masturbate over the mirror too, watching intently as my pussy convulsed with the rhythmic contractions of orgasm.

But I didn't know if I was as other girls were, and it wasn't something I could talk about, certainly not at school where lesbians had a really tough time.

I was hesitant even to discuss it with my best friend. Jessica used to steal glances at me and me her when we changed to go swimming in our pool, but I guess most girls do that.

One day we had the house to ourselves, and were indulging in a little topless sun bathing. We were 17 at the time, but it still felt very naughty.

I was, I admit, feeling very sexy when I said "Jess, do you ever wonder what you look like down there and if you are the same as other girls, and whether boys might compare us?" The words tumbled out of me and Jess was certainly interested. Turned out she had never even tried to look. So I showed her my mirror trick. It looked so sexy, her squatting, in total innocence over the mirror. She had far less in the way of pubic hair than me, and her clit seemed far bigger.

Then she said "Can I see yours?" I slipped my bikini bottoms off and spread my legs for her to see. She looked at me so intently it almost took my breath away, and boy, was I horny!

She looked at me up close too, I could feel her breath! Then without another word, I felt her touch me and her finger slipped right inside me.

I must have been really aroused already because I came instantly. Jess, poor thing, was mortified, but suddenly we were kissing, fingering, and both of us cumming madly.

After we calmed down a bit, still totally naked, I told her about my early mirror days, and how I would watch myself masturbate, and pee. Jess looked a little shy and said that she spied on her brother peeing in the garden. She just left it hanging there and I knew she wanted to watch me do it.

I squatted facing her and let go. Jess slipped her hand between her legs and masturbated as I did it.

As a result of that day, I started shaving and then had some very expensive electrolysis to permanently remove my public hair. Strange, isn't it? We can't wait to get it, but it soon becomes something we no longer want. Sticky pubes? Yuck!

So, here I am. Lesbian? No, not really, I love cock, but now and then I think back to Jess and how she felt and smelt and tasted. I look back and wish we had done more. I think about how aroused we got when either I peed or she did, and sometimes, (my guilty secret) I pee into my panties on purpose. I have absolutely no idea why this turns me on so very much, but it does. In fact I feel disgusted with myself that it does.

I am single, and I've only had brief relationships. I've never done anything you could remotely call kinky with anyone, only on my own. I know a couple of things though. I know I would love to be caught either masturbating, or peeing my panties. I know I would like sex with a total stranger, never even knowing his name. I know I would like to be tied up, and even spanked. I

So, there we are. From my secret hidden vagina, to me being far more kinky than I ever knew I was.

In fact, I need to go do something about it right now.



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