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Imagination Can Become Reality

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I'm sure we've all seen them. Girls, that is, who sit in ways that show off there panties. I don't mean the accidental 'upskirt' that one gets now and then. No, I mean the sort of girl who will sit on the grass in a park cross legged, or with a leg up, or laying on her back with her knees raised. The girls who know that they are showing what they have. Some, of course, are younger girls in the first flush of puberty who really don't realize yet, but I am talking about the girls who are past that and now are seeking to attract.

One such girl I see a lot in the park likes to wear loose fitting, mid thigh length skirts and always seems to be flashing her ass or her crotch. One day, I decided to put my theory to the test, namely, that she was doing it on purpose. More often than not, when I get a glimpse of panty in this way, I look and look away. It's all too easy to be branded a pervert these days. So I decided to hell with it. When I next saw her, she was wearing her usual loose skirt and top. As I walked into her area of the park she shifted position slightly and I was rewarded with the sight of pale green cotton panties.

Instead of looking away I sat on the grass near her and looked straight at her. She caught my eye and smiled. I smiled back. Then she lay on her back and carried on reading her book with her crotch facing me. I stared hard at it for some time and my imagination took over and blurred the edges between reality and fantasy. Was she smooth under there? Was she horny? Did I imagine seeing her pussy lips swelling and a tell tale change in the color of her panties? From time to time, she looked in my direction and smiled. She could be in no doubt I was staring at her pussy. It didnt seem to bother her though and for the remainder of the lunch hour I sat and stared.

The following day I was there first and settled myself down in the hope that she would come. She did. This time, it was for her to decide an 'appropriate' distance to sit and she chose to be quite close to me. Again, the uninterested munching on her sandwich and reading her book,and now, a much closer look at her crotch. I stood it for about ten minutes and in the end said 'Look, I hope you wont mind me saying, but you are letting me see rather a lot of you.' I glanced down at her crotch. She didn't reply. Instead, right there in the park, she just hooked her finger under the crotch of her panties and tugged them to one side. Shaved, pouty and most definately wet too.

For the first time in my life I decided I couldn't wait and, under the cover of my newspaper I got my cock out and started to wank. She looked at me now her eyes wide. Then she shook her head and got up. Walking past me she said 'This way.' I rearranged myself and followed. We ended up in among the trees and she said 'Now, for this time. Let's watch each other.' I got my cock out again and started to stroke it. At the same time she lifted her skirt up and tucked it into her waistband and put her hand into her panties. I felt myself going to cum really quickly and told her. She smiled and nodded and whispered 'Oh, me too.' Almost simultaneously, I shot my load at her feet and heard her moan and cry out as she came.

Well, all that happened last summer. we have been together as a couple now for nearly six months. In many ways, it's a pity I can't tell you about the things we get up to, but its way too racy for this site.



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