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Sometimes imagination is just as powerful, if not more, as reality. I have a good friend who I have recently shared a lot with, and he has done the same. I think about him more than I should, but it has had an amazing effect on the course of my days. Some of the things I am about to post are fact, and some fantasy. I will try to distinguish the two for the purpose of this site, but honestly, I have a hard time realizing which is which.

For starters, I'm married and he has a girlfriend. That may be part of how this works, because we both know we can't actually have each other. It kind of adds to the thrill of our 'relationship.' For a while now, months I'm sure, we have talked online and via text messaging. Call it sad, but the first thing I think about when I wake up is how long I should wait before I text him. I know he's up, but I should wait. When I get home, I fire up my laptop to see if he's online. If not, I stay logged on in case he signs on and wants to talk to me. When we started talking it was just as friends, more specifically as mutual friends of his girlfriend, but our conversations got more and more personal. Recently, we moved from coy online flirting to all-out 'I want you to...explicit content.' We have had these sorts of conversations a lot in the last few weeks, and when we're not talking I'm 'daydreaming' if you will.

Like right now. He likes the Solo Touch site, and asked me to make a post. This is my third one. To keep in the theme of Solo Touch, I'm going to try to make this about me masturbating, but it's also what I fantasize about while I masturbate. In a nutshell, he makes me wetter than I've been in a long time, and definitely more often. I'm wet right now at the thought that he's going to read this once it posts, and will IM me while he reads and masturbates to it. In turn, the thought of him touching himself because of me will have me doing the same.

My new favorite pastime is 'sexting.' I had never heard it called that, but we text vulgar things to get a rise out of the other. Just today, we were talking about a girl who was in front of me at lunch.(side note, I am attracted to both sexes) She was very attractive, and as I'm telling him that I think so he asked if I'm more turned on by her or by him. I told him he had nothing to worry about since I couldn't exactly ask her out. From there we decided that if I did he would get to watch, or actively participate. We talked about me playing with myself over the idea, and that he should come help. He suggested doing it in public with her watching, and fingering herself while she watched him eat me out. As usual, I'm very aroused at this point and touching myself telling him what he's missing and how wet I am.

The conversation turns to my imagination (still aided by his texts) and what he would feel like touching me, kissing me, licking and biting. I want to feel him inside of me and start rubbing myself, despite the fact that I'm in public. It's crowded and no one is watching, but the thought that someone could stumble across me makes me that much wetter. For the purpose of this fantasy, we will go to the library on campus and find a dark study room away from the main traffic of the building. He undresses me slowly, kissing and licking as he peels me out of my leggings. We will take turns with oral sex until we are both about to cum, but stop just short of it. I'll let him trace my lips with his fingers and tongue as I fight having an orgasm before he's ready for me to do it. I'll return the favor with slightly more stimulation, rubbing the head of his penis first with my hands then straddling him and brushing my clit across it. No penetration, at least for now, just teasing him with how wet I am and feeling his rock hard cock so close that anything 'premature' is now coating both of our genitals. Slowly I rock back and forth against him, with both of our bodies begging for more. What happens next is not suitable for this site.

The entire time I am fantasizing about him, I'm touching myself. I had to leave my area and go to the nearest restroom to get the relief I was looking for. I started rubbing my clit again, and went back to the part of my fantasy where I'm running his cock along the inside of my lips and around my clit, using my wet fingers to trace the path his penis would be following. I'm so wet, and so ready to cum. I wish he was here to make me finish. I start to penetrate and a gasp leaves my mouth. I have to remember where I am so that I keep my volume to a minimum. This is going to take both hands, so I prop one foot on the toilet and lean against the wall to keep from falling as I penetrate with my right hand and rub my clit with the left. The intensity is going to make my head explode. I bite my lip to keep from screaming out. I'm not sure if I was moaning his name or just guttural gasps, but it was coming out louder than it should. I upped the intensity and the cum ran down my fingers and into the palm of my hand. I started to cum harder and harder until my knees buckled and I had to catch myself. If anyone heard me they didn't say anything, but my imagination fueled by his goading pushed me right into a semi-public orgasm. The question now is whether to post this under F or F-M stories. While he was a big part of it, he was not 'directly' involved, despite my wishes.



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