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I'm Such a Show Off!

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When I went to college I was in girl heaven. There were so many cute girls around it was hard to think about school work. At one of the dances I met a girl named Glenda and we danced and later talked. Soon we started seeing each other.

We would kiss a lot. I would go over to her apartment and meet her in the lounge to talk and kiss. She never wanted to get too horny but I did not mind, I was horny and got a lot of hardon all the time. One evening I came over and she was waiting in the lounge like usual but she was different this time. She was hot! She could not wait to get her hands on me to start making out. She said lets go for a walk at night and pulled me out the door. The only place that was secluded was beside her apartment building in a dark area where no one see us.

The many times we kissed she would not let me touch her ass, tits or pussy. Once she wanted me to rub her inner leg but that was all. This time was different. She moved us well into the dark shadows and she laid down on the ground and wanted me to get on top of her! Without even thinking my dick pulled me down. She had her legs open and I mounted her putting my hardon at the spot where her pussy was at and started kissing her. Now mind you we still had our clothes on but I did not care it felt great (the first time for me). We kept quiet in our kissing and she whispered in my ear to press down on her pussy and hold it there, within moments she gasped and said thanks. I was young and dumb at the time so I did not realize she had an orgasm!

Flash forward. It was during the summer. College was out and Glenda came to visit me for a week. Since my parents only had a two bedroom house I let Glenda stay in my room and I slept on the living room floor. One night after we all went to bed, Glenda got up and came into the living room to wake me up to talk. She was wearing a tee shirt and panties and all I had on were my white briefs. She had a dream or something but my mind was not on that, this was the only time I saw her in a tee shirt and panties and I had a monster hardon and oozing out pre-cum making a huge wet spot in my white-tighties!

So I decided to get up and show off something she has never seen. She just sat there staring at my dick's outline in my briefs! To add more excitement, I spread open my legs giving her full view and I would pump my dick so it would move and ooze out more pre-cum in my briefs. We talked and I would touch my dick. At times my balls would move and she watched them in wide-eyed! Finally it was too much for her, she said she had to go to sleep and got up and kissed me good night. When she did so, she grabbed my dick that was still in my briefs and squeezed it and moved her thumb over its head. After she went to bed, I masturbated in my shorts shooting out a load of cum that made the entire front of my briefs wet with white semen and went to sleep. Never let a good hard on go to waste! I often wondered if I masturbated that night too?



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