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I'm Glad I Did It

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I used to do something that many guys would think is wrong or unacceptable but it really is not. It was exciting & I was able to share my sexuality with someone else. Plus I learned so much about my cock & what it could do.

My good friend Al was always talking sex & about girls from puberty on. At the time he lived outside of town in the basement of his boss' home. One night I was at Al's place & he showed me his collection of porn movies he had collected & believe me it was a good collection. Al told me most nights he would eat dinner with his boss & wife, then go downstairs to his apartment & watch porn all night until bed time. I called him on it & said no guy could watch that much porn but what I meant is no guy could jerk off that long every night. Al knew just what I was referring to & told me that all a guy needs is some really good lube for his cock & to know how to make it last (erection) for a long time. Al opened the door of the only end table he had & pulled out hand cream squirt bottle. He tossed it to me telling me to take a look at what was inside & that he had made it himself. I squirted a very small amount onto my fingers & let it slip around a bit. I agreed it was very slippery & asked how he made it. He told me it was something he read in a porn magazine & it was mostly oils & some massage lotion mixed together.

As I fingered the slippery mystery lube Al turned on the television & of course it was a sex video playing. He sat down with the remote in hand & asked me if I had any sex vids of my own. I told him I had a few old mags & still living at home made it tough to spend much time jerking other than late at night before bed time. Al asked if I wanted to borrow a few movies & although I did I had nowhere to watch them. I told him how lucky he was having his own place & such a nice collection of sex vids.

We watched the movie for a bit. There was a hot girl laying on a bench by a pool. She was tied with her legs apart & her arms over her head. Another girl was fingering & licking her bald snatch as punishment for who knows what. My cock was about as hard as it could get & I began to squirm just a bit. Al looked at me, laughed & said he could tell I had a boner already. Then Al asked me how often I jerked off like it was nothing at all, just normal conversation. Feeling horny already I told him I liked to do it first thing in the morning & last thing at night. Then he asked how long I usually did it for & I told him about ten minutes. Al laughed & called me an armature. He told me most movies last at least an hour of more & he could last for two & sometimes three in a row before he came. I told him there was no way that could be done & that's when it all started.

Al asked if I was horny to which I replied yes. He told me if I was ok with it we could watch a few movies right then & he would let me try out his home made lotion. I hesitated at first but when he kept saying there was nothing wrong with doing it together I finally caved. As soon as I said yes Al started to take his clothes off. I though maybe he would just pull his cock out but no. He tossed all his clothes on the floor & stood there with a full hard on asking me to pass him the lube. I handed it over & he sat down on the floor with his back to the sofa then crossed his legs & drizzled his cock with the lube. I was a bit stunned by what was going on. Al seemed more than comfortable & he started jerking his cock right away. He looked at me & told me to hurry up & get undressed because he was not going to do it by himself. I took my clothes off & sat down a few feet away from him. Al held out the lube & I gave it a squirt. I coated my hard on & went for it.

While we were jerking Al told me about edging but he never called it edging. He called it stopping. He told me as soon as I felt I was going to cum & should stoke out a few more then stop & squeeze my butt muscles together & that would keep my cock from cumming. He told me he would do it first & show me how. Al started to stroked his cock really fast. His hand was almost a blur & it sounded like a machine flapping up & down. He slowed to a normal speed & told me he felt like he was going to cum. He kept stroking but now even slower. He told it was real close then he squinted up his face & held his breath letting go of his cock. His cock was hard & stood straight up with him touching it. It looked almost purple & the head was bulging out. He has a real fat cock unlike my own that is long but not as wide. He let out a deep breath & his cock slowly fell to one side. He looked at me & told me that was how you do it. He said he could go for hours & because he jerked so much & long his cock was real used to lasting a long long time.

Al told me it was my turn to try. I told him I would do it as soon as I felt like I was going to cum. We watched the girls for a while more & it was not long before I felt the urge coming on. I told Al I was going to try it & then I did. It was the first time I ever stopped an orgasm & it felt good. I could feel the orgasm right there in my entire cock & balls but the feeling just stayed & never left. I sat squeezing my ass cheeks & he was right. The orgasm faded away & my cock stayed hard. Oh, this was good!!! I was able to enjoy the porn, part of an orgasm & keep going. Why did I never learn this on my own?

I jerked to the edge of orgasm at least four times & then the last time I blew. I was sitting there squeezing as hard as I could & I could feel my orgasm trying to push through. Al told me to squeeze hard & squeeze hard I did. As I squeezed not touching my cock I erupted. I was watching my cock hoping it would not finish but the squirts just kept coming. I squirted just a bit at first then some long ropes shot out almost to my face. It felt really good & I then grabbed my cock stroking out the orgasm. Al just sat there watching me & when I was done erupting he pointed me to the table again & told me there was paper towel inside. I cleaned up my mess of cum while Al kept stroking his cock.

Now I was not horny any more & I felt strange watching Al jerk off in front of me. Al told me to sit & wait for a while then I could start again. I never thought about that before because most times I either got out of bed or went to sleep. I was not as lucky he was having the place & time to learn about how my cock worked. Sure enough within about ten minutes my cock began to get full again.

That strange feeling went away & I was ready to go again. I lubed up again & I was back jerking with Al. This time I lasted much longer before I could feel the sensation to cum. Al stopped quite a few times squeezing & starting again. I was able to stroke my cock for almost 30 minutes before that wonderful feeling came over my cock & balls. I stopped again & the feeling was more intense this time but more easy to control. I told Al how it felt & he said that it was normal & I should be able to go a very long time now. Each edge to orgasm was father apart than it was the first time but still the intense feeling was huge. Al popped in another movie & we watched a girl get cocks from both ends. She was a beautiful young thing with long dark hair. Seeing her arch her back & moaning with pleasure from the two big cocks made me very excited. As soon as the man in the front came without taking his cock out of her mouth I just could not hold back. It was like I was him. I could feel my balls tighten up & my cum ready to spew. While the camera showed his cock pump & her throat swallowing each time & blasted off. I did not shoot as much cum but it shot farther & it felt twice as good as the first time. I came rather loud this time & Al made a Shhhh noise hoping nobody could hear me upstairs.

That second orgasm was so good that I knew this long time jerking was something I had to start doing. My cock & balls could still feel the orgasm long after I was done. I told Al how good my cock & balls still felt even after I started going soft. He told me it was normal to feel that way after a long time of jerking & he felt that way most nights while falling asleep. Right after that Al told me he was going to cum too. Almost like it was on demand he leaned back & shot a nice load of cum. Al's body moved up & down like it was going over bumps on a road. He kept stroking out real short strokes on his cock a long time after he was done squirting.

Al asked me to pass him some paper towel then after he cleaned up he asked me if I had a good time. I thanked him for teaching me how much I could enjoy jerking off like that. It was certainly the beginning of a new way of life for me.

Al & I talked about jerking off for at least a half hour while the movie kept going. Soon Al was hard again & he asked me for one more shot of the lube. I handed it to him & he started again. I could not believe that I was feeling horny again. I had never done this before. I was going to jerk off again for the third time that night. Why not, I thought. I lubed my cock then went to town.

All stopped the movie & put in another. This time it was girl on girl & nothing else. They were coming & licking & pumping each other with dildos. It was a great movie. We jerked for a while then I was the first to feel the urge to cum. I could not believe how fast it came on. Al told me to hold it off so I squeezed & held off. He told me to try it a few times & then feel that kind of orgasm it was going to be. Al got close & held off a few times then he actually came first. He shot a good load & his body was bobbing up & down even more than before. He fell to one side still giving his cock short strokes whispering 'fuck yah, fuck yah, oh fuck yah' over & over until his orgasm subsided. He stretched out & said 'that was sooo good' then held his arms over his head & took in long deep breaths.

I did not want to make my cum go away this time. All I wanted was to feel that fantastic pressure fly from my cock. I picked up the speed & the room filled with the sloshing sound of my hand. Al sat up & said 'boy you are on a mission' watching my hand fly. I went faster & faster waiting for that feeling to arrive then there it was. I slowed down to enjoy it as much as possible. Al sat up & watched me then whispered 'this one should be great man'. The orgasm felt hard almost like someone slapped my balls. My balls were sore & felt hard but the orgasm was coming & felt so good. My cock began to squirt a few times with nothing coming out then a few little shots came up. My cock felt like it was shooting gallons of cum but there was hardly anything coming out. My cock was so render & the orgasm was good but almost my cock was almost too sensitive to stroke any more. I leaned back against the sofa with my cock in hand while my body attempted to pump fluids I no longer had. My balls were very sore now but it was a good sore. I told Al how sore my balls were & he said they will be like that all night & the next day. Sure enough they were.

Because I never had a place to spend jerking on my own while watching porn Al invited me to come over a lot. I spent the night a few times & we began a friendship that was much different than before. We never told anybody about what we did. They would never understand.

I was 21 years old back then & Al & I made it an ongoing thing until he lost the job & had to move about a year later. It was after that that I got a steady girlfriend & I could not jerk that much anyway if I wanted to have sex a lot.

I learned then that a guy can share sex this way with another guy & it's ok.



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