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I'm a Tease, so Sue Me

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Hope you enjoy and hope I can add more later.


Let me begin by telling you a little about myself. I am 15 years old, not fat, but not super skinny either. I have dirty blonde hair, and greenish eyes. I never thought of myself as pretty or sexy or anything like that, not until I moved to my new school. I knew two people there, which meant the rest of the school knew nothing about me. I had hated my old school, and had made a bad impression early on there, so a new chance gave me a great thrill.

As the year went on I took an interest in stage crew along with my 'sister', who is really my best friend. After a few days of working on the sets, I noticed one of the guys wouldn't keep his eyes off me. I was assigned to help him put some screws in a few boards, which gave me a bit of time to flirt. I never really thought of it as flirting, until someone mentioned that I was a huge flirt. But anyway... by the end of the 'screwing', I gave him my screen name and went home. Later that evening we talked, and eventually he came over for a movie a few weeks later.

I didn't exactly like the kid, he wasn't the best looking, but he was different from the other guys I had known. By now I was absolutely sure he liked me, because he had made a good point of mentioning to me on occasion, and by now, I had also found out how to get into his mind.

So he came over for a movie. I was never very daring when it came to sexual shit, but those movies always made me a little bit horny and daring. So at one point my hand reached onto his pants and my fingertips lightly dusted over them. I could feel him tense up a bit, but he didn't say anything. So I did this a bit more, adding a tad bit more pressure but nothing else. After maybe ten minutes, I got rather bored with doing that. So I just leaned against him and continued to watch the movie.

I felt his arm go around me, and felt his hand lightly rub over my stomach. His hands were warm, and at the time it was Winter, and I never could seem to warm up. So his touch sent a slight shiver up my spine, though I didn't look at him. I continued to watch the movie, even as his finger tips swirled around my navel. Slowly throughout the movie I could feel his hand slip towards my pants, but then he would shy back. I laughed in my mind a bit, but really I just wanted him to touch me. Before this I had had no experience like this. I had masturbated before, alone, but no one else had touched me down there, well besides my girlfriends. But that's different.

Eventually however it seemed he gained some courage because I could feel his hand slip into my pants and under my panties. He felt around a bit, which was because, as I later found out, I was his first experience like that. My pussy had hair, though I trimmed it because I hated it long, but never could shave it without irritation. So in my mind I had some weird worry like he wouldn't do anything because I wasn't some clean shaven beauty queen. I have a weird mind I suppose. Anyway, his fingers lightly touched my lips, and he rubbed my pussy a bit. I shifted, his motions stopping for a moment, but then continued on. It felt so good! I could tell he wasn't exactly sure, but it didn't bother me. It was just the sensation, I loved it. But a bang from the basement, caused him to remove his hand quickly, and I sat up a bit. A minute later my father walked in the door, and started making dinner.

My heart was beating so fast that I feared somehow he knew what was going on. But it's not like I'm going to talk about it. When the movie ended, me and the guy talked about everything but what had happened. But his eyes sparkled I guess you could say. It was kind of funny, and at the same time kind of like wow. When he did leave, he asked me to go out with him, which I reclined with a smirk.

It may seem rude, but a relationship like that between us would never last. The one we did develop however brings more stories to tell, as well as more secrets to hide from my innocent 'sister.'



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