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I'll Just Do It Myself

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Sex life after the wedding


In an earlier submission I described the intensity of my first sexual experience with my current wife, Diane. What then ensued was a wonderful development of our relationship, highlighted by the most intense masturbation session. Diane could give the most wonderful handjobs. This kind of sex at the hands of my future wife was something quite amazing and I often thought if only my friends knew, they would be jealous. However, I remained a very conservative and private individual. This was personal and it is only through this forum that I anonymously share it. Diane, my lady-friend at this time, was quite aggressive and passionate in administering to my needs during our dating period. Intercourse was delayed until further in our relationship, but she had an eagerness for giving me regular handjobs. No longer did I have to go home to an empty house after a date and relieve my frustration with masturbation. I've always jerked off (since the age of 12 or 13), but nothing is like getting beat off by a good looking woman with soft and skilled hands. Diane's enthusiasm for this activity was so great that often I was a bit nervous with her timing and the location of our sex play. A brief visit to her house often resulted in an ejaculation for me as she seemed to enjoy pleasuring me nearly as much as I enjoyed the attention. Her amazement at the amount of cum I produced was always pleasing to me. Although she was always able to produce the outcome desired, occasional anxiety threatened to thwart her manual ministrations. You see, she had children present in the house and the threat of being caught with my pants down and their mothers'

hand around my erect penis really made me quite nervous. Our preferred place for jerking me off was the living room, just down from the childrens' bedrooms and though eager for her touch, I was often nervous. Only later did I learn that my fear of discovery was pretty unfounded. I could be masturbated all morning without being disturbed because the kids never got up before noon. I could have relaxed a lot sooner had I known this. At any rate, the remainder of our dating life consisted of wonderful sessions of manual sex and later, intercourse.

Now, several years later I find myself puzzled. Though our love is stronger than before, our sex life has dwindled to nearly nothing. I know this is not uncommon in marriages but it is frustrating. My wife works very long hours and I am completely understanding if she is just to tired for sex. I have tried to let her know that it is OK with me and that I would be happy just being masturbated from time to time. She is however unresponsive to my suggestion. Occasionally she will hold my penis, attain an erection for me and then give me a few strokes. I feel myself starting to build to a climax when she rolls over to go to sleep. She is still affectionate and loving, but she seems to have lost interest in jerking me off (how much time could it take anyway?). I lie there quite frustrated not knowing quite what to do. Once when she did this I waited until she was asleep and I very quietly began to masturbate. I was very careful with my jerking as I did not want my wife to wake up and catch me jerking off. Oddly, the thought of that very thing happening was very arousing to me, and after a few minutes of slow and careful stroking I had a very intense orgasm. Diane seemed to sleep through the whole thing although the next morning I saw her looking closely at the kleenexes on the floor that I had cleaned myself with. Nothing was said.

So, my frustration (and a bit of anger) began to build and I decided upon my next approach. Going to bed one evening I showed my wife how aroused I was and indicated that I needed some type of attention. I pressed my erection against her as we cuddled showing her I was still interested and in need. However, her response was the same as before and she turned on her back to go to sleep. This time I decided upon a different approach. After a couple of minutes in which I knew she was not asleep and while she was holding my left hand, I decided to just boldly jack off with her lying right there beside me. I had never masturbated openly in front of anyone before and so initially I felt a little odd about it. However, once resolved, my timid little penis tickle turned into a full grip agressive jerk off. I made no attempt to be quiet or to keep the bed from moving or to be quick about cumming. In fact, I deliberately delayed my ejaculation as I wanted to give my wife the opportunity to respond in some way or to say something. We continued to be pressed together side by side as I furiously jacked off, the bed shaking the whole time until I finished with a rather nice orgasm.

As I quieted myself and slowly cleaned the rather large mess I'd made, she continued to quietly lay there and I could not tell if she was asleep or had witnessed the whole thing. After a few minutes after I had settled down to sleep, she merely said, 'Are you all better now.' She seemed perfectly fine with me masturbaing myself and we continued to cuddle, but I remain just a bit confused as to the next step.



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