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If They Only Knew

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I try to be good. Heaven knows, I try.


To look at me you would never guess for a moment what goes on in my head. I am the typical 'catholic girl'. Demur, quite, respectful, prayerful and you would never know.

There are, of course, one or two tell tale signs. I have two tattoos. One is a dove; the spirit of peace. But it is the dragon on my back that gives a hint of the real me, or more accurately what is left of the 'old' me. Are you looking closely? Can you see my ears and how many times they are pierced. Oh, I know, some of them are healed now, but look closely. Can you count them? Yes, thats right, eight in each.

Even if I was to take my t-shirt off and the bra that covers my miserably small breasts, you would have to look very closely to see where the piercings were.

And if I removed my panties? You would see that I am shaved, of course, but the clitoral piercing healed within a couple of months of me taking it out.

Ah, but that harks back to a revolutionary teenage years. I didn't want to be the girl I was. You see, I had developed oh, such a taste for sex. I had many lovers, both male and female, and I hated myself. Of course it was rebellion and it was directed at the nuns who ran my schools and of course, my Church.

Now, though, those days are behind me and I have moved far, far away from my home town in the States.

I have reformed, well, for the most part. Ah, but I still have needs.

That is why you will find me some nights in car parks around Brighton. I love to go there, to those 'special' ones. There are some where couples go to screw and sometimes I go there to watch, but there are others where only men go, and still others where schoolgirls gather. There are places, out of town, known to me where teenagers go to experiment. I love to go and watch.

But what I really love is masturbating in public. I like to pick a town and drive to it. Usually, it doesn't take long to find a suitable place, a park, or a playground, or a high carpark ovelooking the town. There, in my little car, my masturbatory fantasy life comes into play.

Sometimes I will drive there straight from work, other times, like right now, I go home first to change. I have so many choices. The slut? The whore? The schoolgirl? Totally naked? Ah, the choices. Perhaps the nurses uniform, or the aircrew uniform?

Today I grabbed my netbook and my schoolgirl's uniform. I really look the part. Not at all slutty, but totally believable as a 16 or 17 year old. The whole uniform is correct, right down to my panties. I am actually sitting in the school car park. I could so easily be a student here. In the distance I can see lights on and people coming and going from the main buidling. I push my seat back and open my legs wide. Oh, I am horny. My panties are stained already. I open the car door and put one foot on the ground. My naughty legs are wide apart and I am rubbing my panties as I watch a student. She is around 18, I would guess and she has seen me. That is what I am here for. Now, she will do one of three things. She will ignore me, or carry on walking. If she turns back into school, I better leave.

I am still rubbing and looking at her. She is standing stock still and staring at me. I wonder which way she will go?

Now, my panties pulled to the side and I am showing her my bald pussy. She is walking, but kinda my way. She is getting closer. Walking, stopping. Oh, bless her, she is looking in her bag for something now. But she isn't looking IN the bag.

She is at the car park fence now about 18 feet from me. Ohhh I have my finger from my left hand inside me now and I am rubbing my clit. She is facing the fence with her hands clutching the links. No doubt now. She likes this. I start to groan.

He mouth is open and her nostrils flair. I decide to speak to her. 'Would you like to come closer?' She nods. 'Come and sit in the car.' She walks to me and gets in. I close my door and put my seat right back. I spread my legs again and push my panties aside. 'Do you go to school here?' she asks. 'I'm new. I only started today'

I tell her 'I am going to cum soon' She is watching oh so closely. I steal a glance at her. Bless her, her little hand is balled up in her crotch. She is desperate to masturbate. I let my orgasm out in a series of little grunts.

Then I ask her 'Would you like to come too?' She shakes her head. Too much I think.

But as she gets out of the car, she leans in and plants a small kiss on my cheek.

Oh, that was so good.



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