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If They Knew What I Do When Home Alone

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Don't judge a book by it's cover.....


I think of all the people who know me and what their reaction would be if they ever knew what I do when I'm home alone. I look like such a classy, ladylike, reserved person to my friends, co-workers, family and acquaintances. But when I'm alone, I do things that they would be very surprised about if they ever found out. I wonder if they do the same things alone, everyone does, but it would be a surprise to me too to find out. The only ones I've ever discussed it with were a few good friends and never in sordid detail. And one friend I masturbated with. This happened very recently and totally unexpectedly the first time.
I spent the weekend alone because my kids were with their father from Friday night until Sunday evening. This gave me time to spend alone and I could devote time to myself being I was not going to see my boyfriend this weekend. Saturday morning I signed onto solo and started reading some of the female techniques. That made me think of all the different things I've inserted into myself over the years. I've used hairbrush handles, curling irons, toothbrush handles, tampons, squiggle wiggle writers, the handles of spatulas and large spoons, thick magic markers, candles, carrots, cucumbers, hot dogs, pepperonis, vibrators and dildos and of course my own fingers on occasion. Thinking about this and then reading some of the stories got me very horny. I was sitting on my chair naked with a towel under me. I started to play with my clit and oh it felt so good from the first touch. Just spreading my lips open sent a rush through me but once I placed my finger on my clit and started to stimulate it I was in instant heaven. I gently created little circles with my finger on top of my clit not going too fast because I wanted it to last. It felt so good I stopped reading and put my head back in the chair and closed my eyes and just kept fondling my clit. I was getting too excited so I switched my method to calm myself down. I placed four fingers flat against my lips and rubbed back and forth. Every so often a finger would slip into my slit because I was so wet with excitement. And I'd also rub with my hand and gently tug upward with my other hand pulling my outside lips up towards my belly. This feels good to me sometimes. It was feeling so good I couldn't help but breathe heavier and move my hand faster. I had been playing about 45 minutes when I had the urge to finger my clit again fast. I inserted one finger inside the lips just under my clit and wiggled it really fast. I was about to cum so I forced myself to stop. I sat still and let myself calm down for a while. Then I got out my vibe and I layed down on the rug. I inserted the vibe and turned it on high and then took a couch pillow and put it between my legs and rolled onto my belly and humped for about 30 minutes. I started to think of my friend who I had to meet later on. What would she say if she walked in and saw me like that. With a vibe up me and humping away on a couch pillow moaning and enjoying every minute of it all by myself. I wonder that my friends come by and sit on that couch never knowing what I do alone with those pillows and how much pleasure they give me. I wash them after each humping session and dry them and fluff them up all pretty. I wonder what my friend does alone. I think of my co-workers all dressed up in business attire, professional attitudes and wonder what they do at home alone. Suddenly I needed to finger my clit again. I rolled onto my back and pumped the vibe with one hand while I fingered my clit with the other and I exploded into a powerful orgasm that caused me to scream out. I wonder if my neighbors heard. I prayed no one knocked on the door asking if I was ok. What would I say? Would I tell them I just had the most fantastic orgasm and all is fine, don't worry. About an hour after that session I wanted another orgasm. So I fingered myself into a 2nd blissful state. I also got in 2 sessions on Sunday before the kids got in and 2 sessions today since it's my day off and they are at school. I love my alone time. And I wonder if the people who know me would ever suspect what I do when I'm home alone. My friend slept over Saturday night. She sat on the couch and asked where the other pillow was. I told her it was in the laundry as it had gotten messy, she probably assumed from the kids. She took a shower in the morning before leaving. She brushed her hair with the brush in my bathroom holding the handle I've stuck up me so many times. It made me so horny watching her knowing what I do with that brush that the minute she left I started my first Sunday session. And I used that brush handle. If any of them ever knew the things I do at home alone, I think they'd be very surprised.



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