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If Our Kids Only Knew

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If Our Kids Only Knew
My wife and I are each 36 years old. We have two sons, 14 and 15. Our sexual activity over our 16 years of marriage has been both vaginal and anal fucking, which we have been engaging in about three times a week. In addition, I jerk off every day, sometimes twice a day. Although my orgasms while fucking are okay, they are spectacular when I jack off. I didn't realize it until recently that my wife also masturbated frequently. We were both doing it in secret. When we started talking about it, we both agreed that while Masturbating we could give ourselves the very best orgasms. So for the past year, we have given up fucking and masturbate with each other practically every night. (I still jack off again every morning in the shower.) She loves to watch me and the expression on my face as I'm cumming. Also, while I'm jacking off, she gives me a sort of tongue bath on my legs and stomach and chest. When she goes very lightly over my inner thighs with her tongue, I go wild. She had never given me a blow job prior to this year, but now she loves to lick up my cum off of my stomach and chest and pubic hair. She often scoops it up with her fingers and smears it on her pussy before she masturbates. When she masturbates, the thing she like best for me to do is to suck on her nipples.
After some months of enjoying our masturbation activity, something else occurred that heightens my excitement and arousal more than I ever thought possible. We always had our door locked when we were having sex. But one night, I heard our 15 year old go into his room, which is right down the hall from ours. I heard his footsteps stop right outside our door, and for some reason, I became very excited that he was standing so close while we were masturbating. Also, the idea that he may be able to hear us excited me. I came very quickly that night with a really powerful orgasm. As the nights went by, I decided not to lock our door, even though I had it closed. The fact that anyone could now walk in excited me even more. I had a hard on all afternoon thinking about that night when I was going to leave the door unlocked. We kept it unlocked for several weeks. Then one night, I heard some rustlings outside our door in the hall. I kept hearing it and was sure our son was out there listening. When I would come, I started making moans and groans louder than usual. I had this desire that he would hear me, but at the same time he would think I didn't know he could hear me. The idea was so erotic. I knew that he masturbated himself because of the wet tissues we would find in his bed. And I fantasized that he was jacking off out in the hall while he listened to us. I kept hearing rustlings from time to time over the next week or so. Then I decided to not close our door all the way, but leave it slightly ajar. Knowing that he might be out there being aware of what I was doing made me more excited and hot than anything ever had. I could see slight movement of shadows in the hall now with the door open, which confirmed for me that my son was actually out there listening. I started jacking off with a lubricant that made a sloshing noise as I stroked, which I hoped he could hear. And I made my moans and groans more and more sexual sounding. There is no way, however, that I ever wanted him to come into the room. That, I thought would ruin everything. It was merely the fact that he could hear his dad going through sexual and orgasmic gyrations that excited me. Then finally, I knew that my son was jacking off there in the hall while he listened because he started to moan just as I had. He obviously was getting off by knowing that I could hear him while he was in the throes of his own orgasm. This has been going on now for several months off and on. Nothing is ever said to each other about it during the day, but we both know what is going on and we both love the excitement it gives us. If there is anyone else who experiences similar desires, I would love to hear from you at . Mark
I am married with three teenage sons. My wife and I love our sex as much as we did before we were married. We also know that all our sons masturbate since we can often hear the tell-tale squeeking of bedsprings and find wet toilet paper sometimes by their beds in the morning. I say more power to them since there is nothing more fun than masturbating. I am able to suck my own cock. I discovered I could do that when I was 17. What My wife and I love to do most is for me to lie on my back, throw my legs high above me so I am bent enough in the middle where I can get about 2 inches of my hard cock in my mouth. Then I have a 2-headed vibrating dildo that my wife sticks down into my ass, which is now sticking up in the air. She then stands on the bed and lowers herself down on the other end of the dildo. She usually has it in her vagina, but sometimes has put it in her asshole. As she rides it up and down, I can feel it rubbing against my prostate, while I am sucking my own cock. We usually try to time it so that we both cum at the same time. With the dildo rubbing on my prostate, my orgasms are powerful and I love to eat the load of cum that shoots into my mouth. Eating my own cum is so erotic. We keep our door locked, but sometimes when one of the kids comes to the door and knocks wanting something, that really sets us both off with unbelievable orgasms. Any man who cannot manage to suck his own cock is really missing something! We also have two porno videos featuring guys who can suck their own cocks. We watch those sometimes when we go to bed, and they really get us hot. --Robin



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