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If Only I Knew

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Awesome site, gets me hard every time!!!


I was just recently reminded of an embarrassing time wanking, but it turned out to be a good thing. Well I'm seventeen (soon to be eighteen) but I was about fourteen then. I've posted my first time and more recent incidents on here before, but as I say I only remembered this recently. My dad was a taxi driver so he knew quite a few people who were regular customers. Well one guy he became friends with, his name was Mark, and he said he could sort us out with some cheap turf.

So it was Sunday and dad drives up with me in the car to help them load it into the boot. We heaved this turf into the boot which was shockingly heavier than expected, and dad and Mark went up into this office thing he had. It was home business so there was just a lorry, and place where they kept the turf (I imagine the fields were somewhere else) and the office was next to the kitchen. Below the kitchen was a garage which doubled as a little work area type thing I don't know, but I was told to stay down in this place, sat on this old musty chair while they go and do whatever. Next thing I know dad comes down the stairs, I get up to leave and he tells me to wait while he goes and gets cash, apparently I was the guarantee that meant dad wouldn't just run off with free turf. Mark has never been trusting of anyone let alone a taxi driver!

Well I sat in this chair and Mark came down, leaned on the side, and talked to me about nothing in particular. College and girls and stuff. We got onto funny stories and he told about a few of the many slaps he's received and talked about some of the less than pretty girls I'd been with. He nods at me and says 'You're still a wanker though!' I took offence and went 'No I'm not!' thinking he was just calling me a wanker for the hell of it.

He shook his head, 'No no, I mean slip it up the wrist?' I just went, 'Whatever.' Trying not to answer because anyone who says no is lying and then there's the whole 'Yeah you do' 'No I don't' argument that goes nowhere. Well there was an awkward silence, when he grinned, 'You are a wanker!' he laughed and I nearly hit him until he goes 'Follow me' and he led me further into his garage where he keeps tools and stuff and cctv tapes. There was only like a small shelf of them, and none of them were labelled except for 'little wanker'! I was mortified. The memories flooded back immediately.

He goes 'Watch this' with the biggest cheesiest grin ever! He leads me up the stairs in his garage and into his kitchen and we went into his living room where he put it on telling me to sit down, hardly containing his laughter. He sat down on his posh settee in his overalls which I could hardly believe and put it on which I also could hardly believe!

I was confronted by a fourteen-year-old fussy green version of me just sat in the same musty chair just looking around, picking things up and putting them down. When sometthing catches my eye and I undid my zip and set off!

Of course my memories are far worse. That was the time I had come up with dad to get some building parts for the extension. I was left in the chair which was out of sight seemingly, and I was bored. So I look around considering playing with myself only to find an erotic calendar on the wall to my right. I slipped my hand under my trousers expecting Dad and Mark at any second. I played with it slowly beneath my trousers for a while until it was too cramped and had to undo my button and zip.

I started tugging away beneath my boxers, listening carefully for anyone coming. But as the pleasure increased, so to did the speed and the restriction of my boxers which was too much. So I took it out and thrashed it as fast as I could to try and make myself cum as I was so sure Dad and Mark would catch me. I went at it so furious that the most intense orgasm up until then just erupted out of the head of my dick causing me to moan uncontrollably, not even caring that it was the most stupid thing to have done. But the stupidity didn't stop there!

As I caught my breath I looked down to find spunk all over my black top. I looked around frantically for something to clean up with, all the time I was sure they'd be coming down any second since they'd already been up in that office thing far too long. I found some rag that was clean enough and wiped it off, but there were still visible residue marks and so Mark and Dad came down to me with my back to the door licking my thumb and trying to get rid of the marks!

Come to think of it Mark did look a little amused but Dad seemed oblivious. Now I know why. Well the tape finished, or rather I did, and I was red in the face and utterly stunned. I looked at Mark who was also red in the face with a huge grin and chuckling uncontrollably to himself. He said 'Oh come on it's funny, I should make copies, I could make a fortune.' A joke I didn't appreciate!

Next thing I look at his overalls with a compromising bulge in them and looked at him in shock, he just said 'Oh come on we're both men, everyone does it in front of someone' I just pulled a face and left. When Dad came back with the money, Mark was very abrupt and we left, I don't like to think what he uses the tape for, or what he expected of me, but I don't care so long as he doesn't make those copies!



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