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If Only I Had Known

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Submitted before but don't think it went through. Will try again. Should be very educational to some.


I was a typical young teenager. Hit seventh grade and I was really feeling the hormone change and with this really started noticing the girls. From the very beginning, what really turned me on about the girls were there legs. During PE I'd pick out the ones that really looked good and would instantly get hard.

Later when I was of age to drive and date I still would had given anything in the world to be able to get my hands up under my date's skirt and get a good feel of the inner thighs. Needless to say, this was all the wonderful icing on the cake with the cake being that wonderful opening up between there thighs. But, I didn't know how to get there in my younger days. While kissing and making out I'm sure things probably wouldn't had gone over all that well with a hand suddenly thrusted up under a skirt. If only I had known then what I later came to know. In other words: the tits were the door to what I really wanted!

I remember one girl in particular. I was around 19 by then as was Peggy. She was exceptionally beautiful and had the most beautiful body. She was all female to the extreme and was one hot babe. On our first date which was to a drive in, I looked at her to find her sitting at my side looking at me. We immediately started kissing. Soon afterwards, she was all over me. You can only imagine what this was doing to me. My cock was about to burst out of my pants I was so hard. Yet: this was as far as it went. Thinking back, if only I had allowed my hands to come around and start caressing her breast. There is no doubt in my mind that soon after this I would had felt her hand going up my thigh through my pants to the massive hard on in my pants. When this happens, the door is wide open! Her legs, her crotch, her ass, and above all in the end: her wet, soft, warm pussy.

I know from later experiences I had that if this would have happened, at her first touch and first strokes of my hard on cock through my pants I would had filled my pants with cum. Especially with my hand finally under her skirt feeling the wonderful softness of a girl's inner thighs. To this day second only to being deep inside a pussy, this is my biggest turn on. When being given a hand job my big thing is to have her rub me against her inner thigh while I feel this wonderful area of her body. With this, I never last but a few minutes before losing my load on her softest flesh there is on a woman's body.



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