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If It Would Get Him To Be Quiet!

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Nothing makes me harder than this site. Please read. It may be lenghty but it's worth it!


This is my first of many stories I'd like to share. This one in particular happened a few months ago.

I had to watch my 13-year-old cousin while my aunt went out for the night. He, 'Mark', is very rowdy and wouldn't sit still in my apartment which isn't all that kid friendly. He asked if I had any porn movies that we could watch. I did and we began to watch them. I wasn't horny yet, having seen the movies a thousand times, but my cousin was obviously horny. He sat in one of my chairs kind of behind my main chair where he thought I couldn't see him. He slipped his hand down his shorts and began to stroke himself. I began to get hard from watching him. I too slipped a hand down my pants and began to stroke 'in secret'. Mark had never seen hard core porn before so his excitement was very high.

He finally asked if he could see my dick. I said as long as he was cool with it and he would show me his. He agreed. I then removed my pants and stood in front of Mark. My eight and a half inch bi-racial cock (I'm half black) stood out strong. My cousin was amazed by it. I asked if he wanted to touch it but he declined. He then dropped his own pants revealing his four inch white penis. Not very long yet but thick enough. I sat back down in my chair watching the porn and stealing glances at my cousin, as he did me.

It was so hot! Mark had seen me naked a few times before but never jacking off. I asked Mark if he could shoot yet. He didn't understand what I meant. He knew about masturbation but was unaware that men ejaculated. (Thanks to his aunt's personal views on sex education.) I told him that during puberty men begin to ejaculate out of their penises. He was fascinated! He asked me if I could 'squirt' and asked if he could watch me do it. I said sure.

I got on the floor on my knees and he knelt down close to where he could get a good view. I wanted to give him a good show so I stroked slowly which for me makes me cum more. I started to leak some pre-cum and took my finger and made a string of it so my cousin Mark could see it. He had never seen anything like it before. In a few minutes he would see even more than he'd ever seen before. I made sure to keep my slow stroke. I wanted as much cum flying as possible.

Finally I was ready to cum. I told him to look close and with that I let out rope after rope of cum on the floor. It made puddles. Marks eye's lit up as my stream of cream plopped on the carpet. It was pretty intense for me too. Mark was silent for a bit and then asked when he would be able to shoot. He must've been a late bloomer because I had been ejaculating by the time I was 11. Mark then stroked himself off to a dry orgasm. We spent the rest of the night, naked, talking and jacking off. We've done this a few times since then and Mark has made a few puddles of his own!.



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