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If I'd had the guts

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What I wish had happened after my brothers stag night, http://solotouch.com/story/stag-night-48284


At 5am I woke up and within moments was rock hard thinking about the ladies we'd seen earlier that night when I glanced over at my brother who was lying asleep with his back to me. I reached beneath the covers and took hold of my cock and without making any noise slowly pumped my cock, amazed at how turned on I was masturbating three metres away from my brother!

I heard my brother turn in his bed and froze, I waited at least 30 seconds before continuing but much more gingerly.

"A good night wasn't it!"

Shit, he's awake!

"Er, yes. Not bad, I might even come back this way next month." I just lay there hoping Gary would turn over and go back to sleep.

"Don't let me stop you."

"What?" I asked. He can't mean...

"Jesus, it was quite bloody obvious what you were doing!"

He did mean.

"It's not like you don't do it."

"Maybe, but I don't do it whilst sharing a room with you!"

I reached back under the covers and continued slowly stroking my cock, I was even more turned on now than I was several minutes ago and when I looked at my brother he was doing the same. I had to stop or I'd have come in seconds.

I watched Gary for about a minute or so and thought I'd raise the stakes, make things more interesting.

I pulled the covers off me so I was lying there completely naked with my erection very clearly visible and only a few seconds later with a single drop of pre come glistening at the very tip. I spread it over the head of my cock so it was shiny and using my thumb and forefinger gently stroked it. It was quite a while before I heard Gary removing his bed covers but when I looked over at him lying there with his erect cock I had the most intense desire to go over and start masturbating his cock for him.

That might be a step too far.

We both carried on masturbating each staring each others cocks when Gary said quite out of the blue

"do you know what it feels like to wank two cocks against each other?"

That sounded more like a request than a question.

"No, do you want to try it?"

I barely finished the question,


We firstly tried kneeling on the bed face to face rubbing our cocks together but found being face to face a little uncomfortable, we tried lying on top of each other but found it difficult to get our cocks together nicely and after a couple of other positions found lying side by side facing each other worked best. We did this for a while stroking each others chests and nipples when I reached up and holding Gary's cheek just leaned forward and kissed him.

What surprised me was he kissed me back!

As our kissing grew more passionate we both started to thrust with more force and slightly less control before I felt Gary's thrusting become twitching and felt his warm cum on my belly and almost immediately I came firing ropes of cum onto his belly. We carried on kissing and I reached down and rubbed our cum into Gary's belly and he did the same to me for what seemed an age before we stopped kissing and leaned apart.

"Wow!" was all I could say.

Gary swallowed "uh huh".

We rolled apart in silence and lay staring dumbfounded at the ceiling for a bit.

"I bet you weren't expecting to be doing that tonight?" was the only thing I could think to say.

"Certainly not!"



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