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Icy Road, Hot Van on Lookout Pass

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Hottest thing that has happened out in public


I have got to share this story with you all. I have been a Solo Touch fan for nearly a year, since I discovered the site and a masturbation fan since I was 15.

I needed to be in Portland, OR by 7am Monday morning for an interview, so I wound up finishing packing and leaving by 7pm Sunday night around dark from Northwest, MT. It is a ten-hour drive so I was planning on driving straight through and getting a couple hours of sleep in the car when I arrived. Being early winter in November, there were intermittent snow showers. There are two mountain passes to go over across Idaho. The first pass occurred about 2.5 hours into the trip. It was notably icy on the highway but ok for experienced winter drivers.

I came to the base of the pass, and the highway patrol had put out flares and was stopping traffic. I pulled up next to the patrol car where the officer was holding a stop sign. I skidded a bit due to the seriously icy road and he asked me if I had been drinking in a very annoyed fashion. I assured him I had not and he told me to pull up next to a white van that was parked ahead with the other 15 or so vehicles. I obeyed him exactly (good thing). The nearest vehicles were about 30' ahead and behind us with their lights off, apparently waiting until we would be allowed to continue over the pass. I casually watched my mirror to see a few more cars arrive at the rear of the pack to park.

The van (a full size) occupants got out and skated on the ice in front of their and my car. The driver was a guy about 28 years old and a female who was about 27 and fairly good-looking in her parka. There was another heavier male who was about the same age. They got back in the van and in the dim lights I could see the driver reclining from the chest up in the driver's seat. At first it appeared to me he had a dog sitting on his lap facing away from me in the dim light. I started to watch somewhat discreetly as the object in his lap bobbed gently up and down like a dog wagging its tail. Now I was really trying to make out the dim form. Then all of a sudden I realize it was the girl as she brought her blanket-covered head up with a big smile on her face.

Needless to say I got an instant hard on. My car was so dim I figured they only could see me if they looked really hard. She went back to sucking his cock and I noticed the male passenger was sitting in the passenger seat! I became less discreet in watching them and was now intently gazing at this sight, with my rock hard cock out stroking myself. I was even sitting up a bit so the head could be illuminated a bit by the dim outside light. The driver was obviously enjoying her mouth and he may have even cum as she sat up and wiped her face off with a towel.

I think by now it was apparent that they knew I was watching them and they became bolder. She went back at it, smiled at me and skipped the blanket. Then they started to passionately kiss with tongue and he fondled her right breast through her shirt. They took a break, so I got out and walked behind my vehicle to their window. My coat covered my cock, which was hard out through my open pants. They hesitantly opened the window and I asked if the cops had said anything about opening the highway. They said they knew nothing and I said, 'By the way, that is the hottest thing I have seen for a while.'

They were a bit shocked, but said they hated driving. They said they had been doing something with the lighting equipment they had for a performance. I asked what they do and one of them said they were performers. We all laughed knowing exactly what they meant. I asked the passenger if they let him help and he said it was hard enough watching them. I asked them if I could join them and said not to quit on account of me. I was enjoying it very much. They declined, but promised that the show would get freakier. I went back to my car and set my throbbing cock free again.

She made him hard again, sat back on his lap and did some more hot kissing. She sat up tall and took off her coat, so I could see her nice full breasts. She also appeared to do something with her pants. He touched her right breast again and they loved giving me the show. I turned on my dome light so they could clearly see my hard wet cock and how I was playing with myself. There were about 15 cars behind us at this point, but I was down in my car enough, so I figured they would just think I was balancing my chequebook. At one point the police drove by, so I turned off my dome light, but they just ignored him and I turned my light back on. He helped her remove her bra, slid her shirt up and started to feel her breasts clearly visible in the window.

She appeared to be jacking him with her hand and then I could tell she straddled him. I could tell her hand was guiding him home. I was loving playing with my cock, which was now very wet with pre-cum. I partially came just a squirt on my coat with the light on. By now she was bouncing gently on his lap, as he was sucking on her right nipple. She had her feminine hand on the driver window glass to steady herself as she humped him. All dimly illuminated from the moon and car lights. I jacked, allowing them to watch.

Unfortunately a sanding truck came by and traffic was allowed to move, so our fun had to be delayed. After I was past the dangerous driving segment I pulled out my cock and stroked myself to two orgasms in the next 75 miles. It would have been bad to be pulled from a wreck with your cock out, as it would be obvious why you wrecked. What a great way to pass the time when driving long distances. Thanks to my friends in the van for the performance; I hope it was mutually hot for you too! I am sure it made them super hot being able to give a show to an appreciative audience. I enjoyed the performance and now I know why they why they call it Lookout Pass.



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