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Ice Ice Baby

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I've been reading the stories on here for awhile, but not until now did I truly have the guts to write about my experience in solo. Well here goes nothing...


I have been masturbating for a long time, ever since I made myself cum by humping my bed I have loved the sensation. I've done more than just play with myself, there is quite an interesting story about me at Uni with another girl, but as for now I just want to talk about something kind of kinky I discovered on the Internet last night.

Now to start this story off know that I am definitely straight, but I do admit that I like anal play, and I discovered this a few years back (I was curious, and wanted to do something kinky). After a while I actually learned how to relax my muscles and now can actually get quite a few fingers in me if I know I'm super clean and well lubed. When I finger my ass I imagine I'm fingering a pussy and it really turns me on and makes for explosive orgasms, but I wanted to see if I could find something kinky that would turn me on even more.

Last night I was reading stories on Solo Touch and some forums on masturbation when I came across a forum that talked about putting ice cubes up the ass and using them to numb the ass and get a cold feeling which heightens arousal. 

This got me really horny and I wanted to try it out right away but first I wanted to watch a girl do it. I found a video of a girl Amy filming herself licking the ice to dull it down and sticking it up her ass. She whimpered and moaned, stopping after the first cube was in, rocking back and forth to compose herself, then licking the next ice cube and putting it in too, this time gripping the towel on the floor and rocking back and forth even more vigorously moaning in ecstasy, ending the video by saying 'that's...really...cold...' and shutting off the camera really fast. 

By this point I was absolutely aching to cum, but didn't have time to spend on the ice cube thing so I watched the video again and had a quickie before bed, eagerly awaiting the morning.

I woke up kinda late and started getting ready for work, then after my mom left for work I couldn't take it any longer and decided to grab a few ice cubes from the freezer. I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up REALLY good, making sure I didn't have anything back there to turn me off, then took some baby oil and lubed up my ass while turning on the video to turn me on again. This time I mimicked what Amy did in the video and licked the ice cube to make sure it was dull, then teased my hole with it to make it go numb. Ooh the ice felt so cold and slippery on my ass, and I was getting a massive hard on that I stroked as I teased my ass with the ice cube, finally inserting the first one and teasing myself by pushing it in and out a few times before leaving it in. Continuing the video I rocked back and forth a little bit and grabbed the next ice cube and sucked on it to melt off the edges again, then quickly and easily inserted it in my ass. I felt so kinky doing this and was so turned on I didn't know what to do, I ran out of ice cubes! I quickly opened the door and ran into the kitchen naked with a raging hard-on and grabbed two more ice cubes and went back to the bathroom. I then took the other two and one by one sucked on them and inserted them into my ass. I couldn't believe I just did this and felt so naughty and kinky with FOUR ice cubes up my ass. It felt so good to have the cooling sensation up there and it really turned me on to spread my ass and feel the cool water as it ran out of my ass down to my penis. At this point I needed to cum really badly, so I began to stroke, shaking from the ice and the excitement and quietly moaning to myself trying not to wake up the rest of the family that was sleeping. And then it hit me, my cock stiffened and convulsed, my body stopped moving and bucked until my orgasm subsided, and I shot my load into the toilet. 

I couldn't believe I just did that, and felt like such a horny bastard after that, looking at my phone to see that I'm going to be late for work. I quickly jumped into the shower and washed myself up again, spreading my ass to feel the cold water run down my legs to keep my underwear dry throughout the day, and quickly jumping out and headed to work. I was 15 minutes late and noticed one of my coworker Dani was there. Dani was a fuckin hot milf at my work and I jacked off to her image a few times. I walked in and said good morning, she replied 'what took you so long?' I just replied that I was stuck in construction, but ohh would I have loved to tell her what I just did... It wasn't till later that night(about an hour ago) that I truly spent some quality time on fucking my ass with ice cubes, but I'll tell that story later, it was quite explosive not gonna lie.

Has anyone else tried doing this? I would love to read some stories about some ladies trying this out, it would make my sessions that much more hot and kinky. Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Happy jilling!    



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