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I Wish I Didn't Squirt

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All my life when I have an orgasm, my semen only dribbled out, and I always wished that I could have strong, dramatic spurts every time like so many other guys do.

I found some ways to get a strong, pleasurable first squirt but it left the other squirts still dribbling and made the orgasm feel strange. I also tried saving up the load, or edging for a while, all with poor results.

Then I found out about these so-called Kegel exercises and started to do them constantly. For the first 2 weeks I noticed no change, but I kept doing them. Usually when masturbating once I got hard I'd flex the muscle to make my boner twitch, and do that a bunch of times as the exercise. And if I remembered, I'd do them at random times during the day too.

After a month I could see results. I was overjoyed to find that if I edge for even just a little, I can now produce several squirts that go at least a few inches. So I kept doing it and now it's been 3 months. Now I usually have 2 to 3 nice squirts (sometimes more, sometimes less). The orgasms are more pleasurable and I can feel every pulse and the cum rushing up my penis and out the tip and even hear the squirt of the first shot. And it's unpredictable, sometimes there will even be a last shot after I think it's all over and that one goes the furthest of all. It's nice.

But now I am learning the dark side. My old orgasms were still pretty good and felt nice. And they were easy. I could just hold a wad of tissues under the head and my load would dump neatly into it. Now, the logistics are way more complicated. Sometimes there is a small spray of droplets that precedes the main shot and these drops fly everywhere, and not always straight. Also, the shots don't always go the way my cock is pointing, sometimes they fly off at weird angles.

I can no longer always feel my ejaculation coming and grab the tissues - sometimes the squirting starts before the orgasm and takes me completely by surprise. The first time this happened I was sitting at my computer. I looked down and realized I had just put a good sized shot right in one of my sneakers which was under the desk. I couldn't stop stroking, so with the other hand I scrambled for the tissues - just as my orgasm made me spasm and I knocked them on the floor. I turned and tried to aim for them but the squirts just flew mostly over. All they caught was the aftedrip from each squirt. Needless to say it was a big mess.

I can no longer lay the tissue on my desk in front of the keyboard and expect my cum to land on it. I'm going to have to get a hand towel now and that is evidence I really don't want to have around (unlike tissues which can be flushed). Even though I clear a larger area now, my arrow keys have had a couple ropes across them now and it is very difficult to clean.

Then there's the mini shots that whiz out so fast I don't even see where they go. Big shots seem to weigh a lot more and are attached to my penis for a while so they are slower and don't go as far. Little shots sometimes come out between big shots, all I see is a short white blur shoot out, and these end up in the darnedest places. Cleaning them in a pain because you have to find them.

I don't want to resort to wrapping the tissues around the head. But I really like having my cockhead free in the air when I cum. I like my semen being free to flow, not getting trapped up against the piss hole (this feels annoying, especially after the orgasm, and peeling off bits of tissue that stick is always annoying). And like I said before, a cumrag, while convenient and would make nice big target, is evidence I don't really want to have lying around.

So now I find myself somewhat wishing that I could go back to dribbling. How ironic.



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