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I Wasn't the Only One

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I am still mad at my parents and my school for not teaching me about masturbation and stuff like that. Sex education class was content-free, even though having it at all was a controversial issue in my town.
I discovered masturbation when I was 8 or 9, and did it all the time since I loved it. But I thought I was the only one who did things like that because I never received any indication that it was normal and common or even that anyone else shared that feeling. It bothered me tremendously, and even though I enjoyed myself greatly when I did it, afterwards I worried about it thinking I was strange or weird or something.
Then when I was around 12, my older cousin, who was 14, came to visit for a month during the summer. I always adored him. He was nice to me, we had fun together, he was very good looking, and smart. Whenever he visited I would tag along with him like a puppy dog.
Since we didn't have a guest room, he slept in with me. I had a big bed, so it was no problem.
One night I was asleep and woke up to movement in the bed. I cautiously looked over, and to my amazement, my cousin was lying there with the covers and boxers pulled down, and was stroking his penis, much like I often did. This was the first indication I'd ever had that others did this, and I was fascinated. I watched as he worked up to orgasm, then he shot white stuff onto his stomach. I'd never seen anything like it. I noticed I had a boner from watching him. He cleaned up and turned on his side and went to sleep.
I fell asleep thinking about it, and thought about it all the next day. I had this nagging question in my mind of whether what I saw might have just been a dream. Did my cousin really do that? I was worried the answer might be 'no.'
That night I stayed awake to see, and sure enough, after he thought I was asleep, he pulled the covers down, pulled down his boxers, and began to do it again. Again I watched in fascination. But then I got emotional. All those years of thinking I was a freak boiled out of me, and I started crying and sniffling. My cousin of course heard and looked at me, stopping his stroking. He was really concerned, and asked why I was crying. Between sobs I blurted out that for a long time I thought I was weird and the only one who played with himself. He assured me that all boys do, and lots of girls do, too. I continued sobbing, and he rolled over and gave me a bit bear hug. It felt so nice to be held by him, and I could feel his boner poking me in the crotch. I pulled him into me, so our boners were side by side, though mine was covered by my underwear. I think we both got equally turned on, because he reached down and pulled my underwear down so we were skin-to-skin, and continued to hug each other. It was the most natural thing in the world, and felt wonderful. He started thrusting, and I did the same. Pretty soon we were humping into each other, with our boners pressed together between us. Since he'd been jacking off, he didn't last long, and I suddenly felt him stiffen and warm wet stuff came out all over my crotch. Then I had my dry orgasm, and we just held each other tightly, rubbing into the mess between us. We lay like that for a long time. He told me he was sorry I had felt so bad about what I'd been doing, and that if he had had any idea, he would have set me straight years ago.
It was such a close and personal time, and I'll remember it always. From then on we openly masturbated with each other, and laughed about how silly I was. We are still close, and do it together every so often when we get together.



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