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I Was Skeptical, Now You Will Be!

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Firstly, since I discovered this site three years ago, I've been coming here loads, I love you people, some really hot stories making my horny evenings that much better!

Anyway, there are quite a few stories here where people have been given first orgasms from brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers-relatives in general. Most of these stories are really hot, but to be honest, I've always thought they were made up. Things seem too easy, simple, and readily available in them!

So one evening over the Easter holidays, I'm sitting here reading a couple of MF brother-sister stories, thinking, wow this is good, but blatantly not true. I get really hot, to that point where you'd do anything to have a hot orgasm (yeah, that point-where you suddenly like the sound of Vaseline and your finger up that hole!).

I decided to have a laugh and print one of those stories out, and leave it on my sister's bed as a joking 'hint', so she'd think maybe I wanted to try it with her. Now my mates all think she's cute (not bad for 19, but I can't judge her looks), but I've never masturbated over thoughts of doing anything with her or to her. We're close, we always pull pranks, and she'd get the joke when I came clean.

Anyway, it was Tuesday evening and she was out, so I left it on her pillow. She came home, went into her room several times and saw me, but showed no signs of noticing anything. There was no tension, forced smiles, no sign she'd even seen it.

Nothing on Wednesday, or Thursday either.

On Friday, our folks had left before sunrise to visit some of their old friends in another state. Naturally, I was going to sleep in all day, and avoid the chores they'd left stuck on the fridge door!

I drifted in and out of sleep for half an hour or so after they left, before suddenly waking up and noticing the sun was illuminating my posters-it was at least 9am! It turns out my sister Marie had woken me-she was on my bed, slipping under my duvet!!

She shuffled alongside me, and I felt a cold, almost trembling hand trace a line from my chin, down my chest, belly, waist... Oh man, she was inside my waistband, teasing me... Wow, she was holding my penis! My sister, holding my cock! I was shocked, but soon had an erection all the same!

'I saw your story, I was a little shocked but I thought what the hell, I'm up for it if you are and we're careful so, umm, well... What you fancy bro?' she said a little awkwardly, half sexy, half embarrassed.

I was pretty much speechless. 'Ummm... Surprise me, Marie.' I mumbled, and ended up calling her 'honey' which made us both blush. She grasped my cock tighter, and began to jerk me off like how I did to myself, but her hands was the other way round. It was a little awkward, but very hot. Soon, I was throbbing. Not long after, I spurted a few shots of semen all over her hand and my boxers.

I shut my eyes and lay back, utterly blissed out. It was wrong, yet so right. I felt a shuffling motion, and opened my eyes a little. My own sister Marie was naked, knelt over my waist, in front of me, blushing, and smiling.

'Jamie, I'm so hot, can you do me please?' she said innocently, but a look in her eye told me otherwise. She sounded a bit anxious; she was dying to get off, I could tell.

I pulled her on top of me, turned her around so her butt was perched just in front of my hard-again cock. I reached around her hips, and slipped two fingers deep inside her wetness, and fingered her until she came. Boy, did she soak us both!

She giggled after her orgasm, turned to face me, and we made out.

Oh, what a day!! I never expected anything to happen, if truth be told I never even really wanted it to, but it did, and it turned out to be incredible, like those other 'stories'. Only now, I'd say most could even be true!

We don't regret it, we've spoken about it, and we've decided it's fun and healthy if we're careful. She's a virgin, I'm a virgin, and we're both single. No-one's in any rush!

Thanks for reading, folks! I'm happy to finally make my contribution! Feel free to comment!!



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