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I Was Just Eyeing Her

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I found Solo Touch thru another site and am sure enjoying reading the stories. Reminds me of my first time.


I was just 16 at the time and had never done anything sexual with a girl other than a kiss or two. Of course, I sure wanted too. What 16-year-old boy doesn't. I'd only had my license to drive for several months and was in my dad's car heading home from a game. This was when things happened.

I pulled up to a red light and at the corner I was stopped at stood this woman wearing a short skirt. As I sat there waiting for the light to change, I was looking at her. My young male hormones were raging looking at some beautiful legs and my mind was on how much I'd love to be able to feel them. Something I'd always dreamed about some day doing. At the game I'd just left, I'd been looking at the cheer leaders with my mouth just watering as I'd lust over there exposed legs. So, I sure had this on my mind.

At this time, the woman asked me 'Can I have a ride'? I thought to myself 'Why not. This way I can look her over just that much more' so I told her to hop in. She got in and closed the door just as the light turned green. I asked her where she was going all the while stealing a look at her legs every chance I could. She then scooted over next to me. I was wondering what she was up to. She then asked 'Have you ever had sex with a woman'? I told her 'No'. She then said 'I know you want to, don't you'? By this time, my young pecker was already hard as a rock. She then reached over putting her hand on it. Her touch there went all the way thru me. She then ask me if I had $5. I told her I only had $3. She said that was good and to undo my pants. I gave her the money and undid my pants.

I then had a woman (girl) seeing me there for the first time in my life and when she put her hand around it I jumped with excitement. She started the up/down motion on it and at the same time I reached over putting my hand on her left thigh. I'd never felt anything so good in my life and I ran my hand over it. It felt so good that I right then went off. My cum went all over my shirt and down her hand. I'd never cum so fast before.

She got in her purse and pulled out some tissue paper and started wiping off her hand. I quickly pulled my pants back up and fastened them. I dropped her off where I picked her up and thanked her. Needless to say, I often went back to see her for some more. I used her until I got my first girlfriend that I could do things with and her to me. Just how it was. My first was with a street prostitute and was a hand job.



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