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I Wanted To Kill Wilson

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Christians need to step up and share their stories. Jacking-off is fun and natural and Christian guys need to admit they jack-off and save sex for marriage.


First, I must say that I find the exaggerations regarding dick size in many of these stories to be quite funny. If you are interested in realty in this area of your anatomy go to askjeeves.com and type in average penis size, you will be amazed that there really aren't many dicks over six inches. Sorry guys the truth may hurt, but if you think you are really undersized you might find this information wonderful news.

I want to share a few things before I get to the time when I really wanted to kill my best friend Wilson My name by the way is Tim.

Starting with my dad, I must say that he led the way for me being a straight guy; a good dad and a guy that thinks that jacking-off is a gift from God. As far back as I can remember, I showered with my dad. When I got big enough to walk and not fall down in the shower until I was about ten or eleven, I showered with my dad every night. My dad did not hide being naked around the house, not that he continually walked around naked, but if he was in the bathroom and it was hot the door would be wide open. I guess this would have been different if I had had a sister rather than a younger brother. Also, when we would be out in the country dad, my brother and I would skinny dip.

I remember the first time I went to a country tank with my dad. He just stripped naked jumped in the water and I followed closely behind without thought of anything, other than if it was ok with my dad it must be ok for me.

I share these things because dad never jacked-off in front of me or with me. He just allowed me to grow up knowing there was nothing wrong about being around other guys naked. This fact really helped me with the gang showers at school. It also allowed me to be comfortable in my college dorm around other guys. Because of the things that my dad did, naturally, I was able to always see girls as sex objects, not other guys. Also, when I was about ten years old, my dad told me that when I got older I would enjoy jacking-off, not to worry about it; it was ok with God and that all guys do it. Dad did not educate me further on this subject, but he did make me promise to tell my future sons the same thing if what he told me proved to be true. Let me assure you that dad was right and I told both of my sons the same thing when they hit ten. I have never jacked-off with either of my sons and that is the way it will remain.

When I was twelve I learned to jack-off from Wilson, my best friend. Wilson and I were best friends from the time we were six until we both went to separate universities when we were twenty. We jacked-off together continually for that eight year period. One day, Wilson came in and told me he had something wonderful to show me after we went to bed. As I said, this was when I was twelve, Wilson was spending the night as he or I did two to three times a month, Friday to Sunday. We would spend the weekend at one of your houses and go to church together on Sunday. Wilson and I went to the same church as did our families. That night when we got to my room, Wilson immediately stripped naked and flopped on the bed. Since Wilson and I had been in the bathtub together most of our lives I was quick to follow his lead. Wilson put his head at the head of the bed and I put my head toward the foot of the bed - we had spent many hours in this position talking, and from that night on we spent many hours in that position jacking-off.

Wilson told me that he had been at his cousin's house the weekend before and that Randy had taught him how to jack-off. I had heard of the term from my dad and some crude jokes at school, but I did not know what jacking-off was. Wilson began to move his hand up and down his dick and he immediately had a hard on - I got a hard on just watching what he was doing. I began to do the same thing and in a few minutes we both began to shoot cum all over our stomachs and hands. Neither one of had much of a load, but we got the job done.

That night I learned two things: (1) once your underwear hits the floor before you go to bed, you will never enjoy sleeping in your underwear again, at least I have been naked in bed since that night and (2) once you start jacking-off you will keep doing it as long as you can.

From that night on, when Wilson and I spent the night at the other's home, we slept together butt naked and jacked-off together. We jacked-off at opposite ends of the bed so that we could watch what the other one was doing. As I have said, 'we jacked-off together - we never jacked each other off.'

Wilson and I have always been about the save size. When we were twelve, we had little dicks, and when we were twenty, we had dicks that looked about the same in size and color. We are both cut and Wilson is a red head and his dick head was a little more pink than mine and mine was a little more purple than his. We both have about five and one-half inch dicks - very short compared to other contributors to this site. The funny thing is that every guy that I ever jacked-off with had about the same size dick as me.

The next time that Wilson and I spent the weekend together, I had learned the other use of a sock. I showed Wilson that if you took one of that day's socks and jacked-off into it the cleanup was really very easy. It is really 'kinda' gross to think that we put our dicks in a day-old sock, but we did and I still do at times.

During the summer, all Wilson and I normally wore was a pair of shorts and flip flops. This meant that we did not have socks or underwear to help with cleanup, just that old standby box of Kleenex. When I got to college, I normally just shot all over my stomach and smeared the cum around a little and went to sleep. I always showered in the mornings and took care of the cleanup at that time. My sheets got a little crusty during the week, but that made me wash them every Saturday.

My dad was great about letting me know that jacking-off was normal and ok with God. My best friend taught me how to jack-off. These two facts allowed me to grow up without any guilt associated with jacking-off. I wish that more dads would be more forthcoming about information regarding jacking-off with their sons. The only thing that should have been included in my jack-off education was a church that would have had 'all-guy sessions' that let guys know that jacking-off is normal and ok with God. Youth pastors need to get over the idea that talking about jacking-off is somehow wrong and sit guys down and let them know that jacking-off is the only normal way for a guy to hope to be a virgin on his wedding night. By the way, Wilson and I both were virgins on our wedding nights.

Now to the time that Wilson and I went to the lake for the day, and I wanted to kill him. This happened when we were both sixteen or seventeen. We got up on a Saturday morning, jacked-off, put on our swimming trunks and headed to the lake. We spent the day at the lake and about 5:00 o'clock it was time to head to the house. We went to the bathhouse and got out of our wet suits and put on altered gym shorts. In those days it was normal for guys to slit the sides of their gym shorts; it was also normal for gym shorts to have legs about two inches long. Wilson's shorts were cut to the elastic waist band and mine were cut about three fourths of the way up. Guys would wear such shorts at play, not for shopping or going out to eat, but at the beach or at home in the yard. We got in the car and Wilson took out his dick and started to play with it. After a few minutes, he was fully jacking-off. I thought it was funny, but then I noticed a girl looking out of a pick-up pointing at Wilson. We were in a car which was much lower than the truck she was driving and she could clearly see that Wilson was jacking-off.

This scared the crap out of me. I just knew that she was going to get my licence plate number and the cops would be at my house waiting for us when we got there. I remember slapping Wilson's dick and saying, 'You jerk!'

I did not fully rack Wilson, but I sure felt like giving him some fully deserved pain. After we got to the house, and the cops did not show up, we shed the shorts and ran around the house naked for the rest of the day - my parents had left for the evening allowing Wilson and me to jack-off in the den while watching TV.

Ladies and girls do not really understand how casual guys are about jacking-off around each other. This makes it hard for moms to understand that guys like to be around each other naked, they like to talk about girls and sex and they very much enjoy jacking-off together. I, for one, always enjoyed jacking-off with Wilson and my dorm roommate. I have not jacked-off with another guy for about thirty years now, but I still remember those times fondly when I did.



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