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I Wanted My Stepfather

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I love Solo Touch, I have had many a good evening on my own reading these stories.


My mom is 42 and my stepfather 53 he is really good to mom and me, he was always the perfect dad and I was envious of mom and him. He has a good body for someone of his age and I loved him like a true father.

One day mom was away on business for two days, dad and me were alone for the weekend. He was in the pool on Sunday morning and I was making breakfast. He got out of the pool when the meal was ready, and we both sat outside in the hot sun.

Our garden was not overlooked by any of the neighbours so you could do what you wanted in the garden without fear of being seen. I don't know what came over me, but I saw my stepfather in a new light, when mom was not around he acted younger and more carefree. He was sitting with his trucks on and I had my gown on after getting out of the shower, it was so hot I should have put my swimsuit on but didn't. We finished eating and I was clearing away the dishes when my stepfather asked if I needed a hand I said yes and he came into the kitchen. It was then I noticed the bulge in his swim shorts it was bigger than any of my boyfriends and I was really hot and bothered but tried to carry on and finish the dishes so I could retreat to my room as I was really feeling hot and horny. My tits are small with big dark nipples, as I turned to leave the kitchen I brushed past my stepfather and my breast brushed his arm, it was like a bolt of electricity running through me, I could not wait to get to my bedroom. I made my excuses and retired to my room where I took off my gown and laid on the bed, I wanted to feel a cock going in me and the sight of my stepfathers was making me even hotter. I took a hair brush from the side table and spat on it to make it wet, I opened my wet dripping lips and rubbed it along my clit down into my open cunt I rubbed and arched my back, I then propped myself up with pillows so I could get a better feeling from the brush handle.

I did not hear the knock on my bedroom door, it was my stepfather telling me he was going into town for some errands. He opened the door because I had not answered and he just stood there looking at me going to work with be hairbrush. I had put two hair clips on my nipples as I wanted to feel them getting bigger, and it made them feel like they were being bitten. He was gobsmacked by the sight of me and did not say a word, he was paralyed on the spot and just watched as I fucked myself with the hairbrush. I looked around and was surprised to see him standing there but I did not attempt to stop what I was doing. He knew at that point I was ready for anything, I called him over to the bed, and told him I could do with the real thing instead of the hairbrush I had been using. He dropped his swim shorts and climbed on the bed next to me, he took the clips off my nipples and started to roll my nipples between his teeth around in his mouth, I was in ectacsy, I wanted more.

He took his cock which was huge, between his fingers and started to rub it long and hard, he was so big. I took it in my fingers and started to rub the long shaft up and down until he stopped me and turned me over telling me it was my turn. I put some pillows under my ass and he started to finger my cunt putting his thumb on my clit and rubbing it. Then he put his finger up my rear end and I thought I was going to explode. He made me come four times but would not let me touch him. He went to the end of the bed where he stood right in front of me and started rubbing his huge cock like there was no tomorrow. He was rubbing his cock real slow and I was getting turned on again. He came over and played with my dark nipples. I put my tits in his mouth and he could not get enough of them then I made him lean over me so I could watch him come, he shot ribbon after ribbon of come all over my tits, and then he fell on the bed next to me. We both forgot about going to town and just lay there in each others arms, we continued the fun all that weekend and whenever mom went out in the evenings which I could not wait for her to do. I will send more stories soon.



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