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I Wanted Her So Bad!!!

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It was a friday night at my friend was about to come over to have a sleepover. I was SSSOOO excited. A few months ago i found out that she masturbates and i got the curage to tell her. We have only once masturbated infront of each other. This was the night i wanted to kiss her. Well more so make out with her! I wanted to sssooo bad. Well any way. A few minutes after I 'set the mood' in the basement the door bell rang. I answered the door and there she was standing there with her bags looking beautiful as alweays! It was about 10 15 minutes after we got settled and set up. I suggested to watch a movie. I sat down and for one time she sat close right near me on the couch. My pussy was throbbing. I wanted to make ot with her more than EVER!! She then moved closer right beside me and hand on mine. To this time i was read...ready to jump on and kiss her...make out fest! ...i was to nervous and scared wut it would do...but then.....she turned to me and said Katy, i'v been meaning to tell you this for a LONG time now. I am a bisexual. Please dont be mad..but i wanted to make out wit you for so long to. I WAS IN SHOCK!!!!!!!....Then i confessed the same to.... she put her arms around me and i leant in....as she did to. we kissed...then kissed again after the second kiss i wraped my arms around her (as she did to) we started to make out. She took herself and layed me on the couch. She was on the top as i on the bottem. We still had our cloths on but were making out like mad!! This went on for about 30 minutes...our hands on each others butts sides legs we felt around and our clitts rubbing and hands in the hair. as we made out. She then sat up and took her top off. She then took mine off and we went at it again. Still feeling each other up and our clitts still rubbing hard....this time she felt my breasts over my bra...as i did to her. this went on for hours it became around midnight and my parents were asleep...we then took the next step...the pants went off and we got a blanket to lay over us....we felt each other up as we made out...i wrapped my legs around hers our clits STILL rubbing hard hers getting more furious. We went on for hours at end until we were tiered and couldnt take it ne more. We went at this EVERY time she came over to sleep over or i went over to her house to sleep over. And to this very day we still see each other and 'sex' it up!!
WORD OF ADVICE: If you have a best friend and want to admit somthing but think she will tell or you'd feel weird. JUST DO IT! You guys wouldnt be best's if u couldnt trust each other...and hey every single gurl has to 'experament' somtime in her life with another female. Hey best age to start is in your early teens......casue u can go at it long!!!! So if you have the chance make out with ur best friend...it shouldnt ruin ne thing..hey fer me it worked out to be the best. It may seem nasty to kiss or make out with a girl..but its just like makin out with a guy...except u cant get pregnant and if its ur best...you can do it any time!!! :) good luck to you horneay gals out there....i wish you the best!!
Buh Byes
Sign, Katy ~MWA~



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