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I Wanted a Kiss

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I Wanted a Kiss
I was sixteen years old, and I was curious about being with a guy. I had jacked off several times looking at porn about guys, and of course, reading THESE stories! Anyway, I met this guy (openly gay) at school, and we talked about my situation. He promised to come over to my house, and we would watch some movies, etc. Saturday came, and so did I.
I woke up that morning with a raging hard on! I must have masturbated four times before he came over! He was a very cute, soft boy, and made me incredibly horny. When he finally got to my house, we sat down to watch a movie in my bedroom, My parents had just left, and now I could put the moves on him. He looked at me with such a look, it made me hard again! One thing led to another, and we both took off our shorts and underwear, and were laying face down on my bed. He told me to turn over. I refused, as I was a little scared. He told me that if I turned over, he would suck on my dick. I almost came right then! I turned over, and he grabbed my dick, stroked it twice, and devoured it! It was an incredible feeling! I came after less than two minutes. He took my cum, by pulling my dick, and used it for lube on his hard on. He stroked for another minute, and he came as well.
I thought that that was the end. We went downstairs to watch another movie. Since I was wearing shorts, he put his foot into my shorts, and moved toward my dick. Then, I did the same. So, I got up and moved closer to him. I put my hand down his shorts, and began to stroke his hard rock! I felt his sack, and stroked him. He put his hand in my pants, with a piece of ice, and jacked me as well. He then put the ice in his mouth. I said "Give me that!"
He spit the ice into my hand, I rubbed it on both of our dicks, and put it in my mouth! We were both ready to cum, so I asked him to come back up to my room.
When we got there, we took off our shorts again, and I began sucking him. Now, my dream come true: He began to suck me at the same time, and I did my first "sixty-nine!" I was afraid that I would cum and ruin the experience, so I told him to stop, and I concentrated on his dick for almost an hour. When he came, he told me that it was his best orgasm ever. I'd love to masturbate with him again some time!



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