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I Want You To Watch...

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"You can watch if you want to...I don't mind...I like you to watch..."


I had been seeing her for a few months. We were both married, lived many miles apart and worked for the same company. I travelled to the home office once a month and after about three visits with casual talk and lunches in company with other employees I got up the courage to ask her out. She came up with an excuse for her husband and met me for dinner. It was wonderful. I found her to be alluring, seductive and VERY attractive. She had somewhat small breasts which I find particularly exciting since there is little to no drooping, hanging or sagging.

On this particular visit I suggested that we go back to my motel after dinner and share a quick glass of wine. Once in the room I could not restrain myself...I was addicted to her looks, her lips, her personality and her womanness. We began to passionately kiss and I started to feel her breasts and then her groin through her clothing. She pulled back and asked to me wait a couple of minutes while she visited the bathroom to undress to keep from possibly wrinkling, ripping or staining her dress.

When she exited the bathroom she was totally nude! I was mesmerized with her body...It was beautiful and she had a shaved pussy. I almost came in my pants and quickly undressed myself. As I moved towards her she stepped back and "ordered" me to lay on the bed and watch as she wanted me to show me something. I did as commanded. She moved the desk chair closer to the bed, sat facing me, spread her legs as much as the arms of the chair would permit and then, much to my astonishment and delight, she began to rub her clit with the middle finger of her right hand! I could not believe my eyes!

Her eyes were closed, but every 10 seconds or so she would open them to verify that I was still looking and watching. This embarrassed me a little as I did not want her to actually catch me staring, but she would say, "watch me....I don't mind...I want you to watch...I want to cum for you...". Her tempo increased and soon she was alternating rubbing her now throbbing clit and sticking one and then two fingers up into her drenched pussy. She continued this rhythm for about 4 minutes when I realized her breath was beginning to come in what soon became pants and gasps. She moved her left hand down to her pussy lips while still fingering herself and spread the lips open...she looked me square in the eye and told me this made the feeling tremendously more intense and would guarantee a good cum. Then she focused on her clit alone. Her pace increased...she was rubbing it up and down, faster and faster...her legs began to straighten out and she began to arch her back...she was gasping aloud now and moaning...suddenly she removed the fingers of her left hand from her pussy lips and jammed them into her now soaked pussy while still madly flicking her hardened clit. As she did she literally exploded into a mind-shattering orgasm. She bucked and pumped her hips upwards into her probing fingers...she was yelling "yes...yes...yes...ohhhhhhhhh, baby....watch me cum....ohhhhhhh". She kept fingering herself for about another 15-20 seconds as she slowly relaxed her body and sank back into the chair. I could not take my eyes off the scene taking place before me!

She removed her fingers, closed her legs and then told me, "now it's your turn. I want to watch you beat off and shoot out a big load of hot cum for me". At first I thought I could not do it, but when she got up and walked to the bed and started fondling my now rigid cock I succumbed. At first I was reluctant to show her exactly how I did it or to let her know it felt good, but she coaxed me along by saying things like, "that's it...beat that cock...think of my pussy as you stroke it...show me that hot cum". It took me about 3-4 minutes as well when I began to get those first sensations that your cum is beginning to race up from your balls...through the pit of your lower abdomen and then into the base of your cock and finally you know you are going to "do it". At that point I actually found myself WANTING her to watch me beat off and shoot out my hot, creamy cum...it was very exciting. She "ordered" me to tell her when I was "going to do it". I blurted it out..."I'm gonna cum".

In a flash she jumped up from her chair and dropped to her knees beside the bed. She pushed my hand from my cock and engulfed it inside her mouth. That did it. I immediately began to shoot. I must have had at least 6-7 mind-blowing contractions, each one squirting out what felt like between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of cum. She kept sucking and sucking until she had it ALL in her mouth. She straightened her head, looked me in the eye, tilted her head back a little and opened her mouth. All I could see was a mouth TOTALLY full of white, creamy cum. Then another surprise. She closed her mouth and swallowed EVERY DROP!!!!!!! I had never even dreamed of something so exciting. She looked at me and said, "mmmmmmmm...that was delicious...I want some more", and with that she took my now shrinking cock in her mouth and sucked and licked until I begged for mercy because of the sensitivity. Finally she released me from her grip and said that she had wanted to suck me off since the second time we had visited but knew she would have to make sure I was "in the mood".

The time was growing late and she had to hurry home, but that began a relationship which lasted until I left the company some years later. I am now divorced and would give anything to find her again as I fell TOTALLY in love with her during those eight years. She always said that she wanted to be the BEST wife in the world and the only way to do that was to be a total lady by day and a total whore by night. She was the best...



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