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'I Want To See Your Sperm'

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Walking home after school where we'd been studying reproduction in biology class.


Anna and I were both 15 when this happened. We were both in the same biology class at school and we had been studying reproduction. As we walked together, we talked about what we'd learned in biology class the last couple of days. Of course reproduction came up. We got deeper and deeper into the subject and then Anna told me 'I want to see your sperm'. My mouth like to feel to the ground when she said this. I asked her 'you what'? She again said 'I want to see your sperm. I want to see what it looks like'. I couldn't believe my ears.

We got to the front of my house and I would be home alone for two more hours and I thought it was time to see if she really meant what she had said so I told her 'if you mean it about seeing my sperm then come on in'. Anna headed for the front door right away. I was feeling so excited about the thought of this.

We went in and I headed for my bedroom. Anna followed. She sat on my bed and I went into my bathroom, closed the door, dropped my pants and masturbated catching my cum in my hand. I pulled my pants up and went into my room and showed her the glob of cum in my hand. She looked at it and felt it with her finger tips. We then washed off. When Anna left she said 'next time I want to see you get it'. My mouth again feel to the floor. I answered her 'you know what that will mean' referring to my showing her my genitals and my very erect cock. She said 'I know' with a cute smile on her face.

The next day I was all over her all day at school really feeling excited about what we had talked about. At lunch time I finally asked her 'do you want to do it today'? She said 'if you want to'. I was so aroused at the thought that I stayed hard the rest of the afternoon and I thought 3:30 would never come. We were finally out and on our way to my house again.

We went in and headed for my room again. Anna sat on my bed and I again asked her 'are you sure you want to see this'? She again answered 'yes'. I turned away and took off my pants and shorts. I slowly turned around showing my 'privates' to a girl for the first time in my life. Of course I was hard as a rock. Anna's eyes were glued to my cock. I found out later that this too was her first time seeing a boy's cock. I was so aroused that I was near coming off. I knew it wouldn't take much jerking at all to send me over the top and shooting my load.

I slowly walked closer to Anna and she never took her eyes off my cock. I wanted her to touch it so bad and finally asked her 'do you want to touch it'? Anna slowly reached for it touching it. Her touch felt so good. I then showed her how to stroke it and she took over. In seconds I told her 'Anna, I'm going to come. Watch me come' and the first stream of cum shot out landing on my bed. Then, the next and the next. Anna's mouth was wide open as she watched this and she said 'oh my gosh' when I first went off.

When I was finished coming off Anna said 'that was neat'. I went to the bathroom to wipe off and she came in and also washed the cum off of her hands. It was then that I told her 'you'll have to do the same for me some day' and Anna said 'I know'. This we did but this is another story I'll follow up on later. In the end, Anna and I learned a lot about sex from each other.



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