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I Walked Him Home

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This all happened a couple of years ago. I was 16 years old at the time, 5'8', white, skinny but with some muscle definition, with medium length brown hair, and blue eyes. My name, well, lets just say for the purposes of this story, it's Ryan. I had a bit of a distant and yet close friend whose name we shall say is Ronnie and I will explain the distant and close contradiction later. First, allow me to describe this friend of mine. He was egyptian and emigrated to Canada at a very young age. As such, he grew up having a normal english accent instead of a particularly foreign one. He was also 16 at the time, and had nice olive tanned skin, short-ish black hair, was about 5'7' and slightly more defined than me, had brown eyes, and a very cute smile.

Now, back to the distant and yet close connection. You see we went to the same school, but we were in slightly different social circles, and I say slightly because the two circles did tend to mingle every so often. Basically though, aside from in some of my classes I didn't see Ronnie that much. But as it turns out, we both lived not far from each other in the same neighbourhood, which meant we shared the same bus stop. I remember holding an interesting conversation with him as we were walking home, and I didn't want to cut the conversation off abruptly once we reached the point where our paths split, so I walked home with him as we continued this conversation. Once we got to his house we said our goodbyes and parted ways, myself walking back up the street to my own house. As luck would have it we had many of these conversations afterwards, and it became routine for me to walk him home as we talked.

We would talk about various things like soccer and girls and whatnot, and through these little walks home, we became pretty close friends. And as these walks continued, I kept noticing more and more about how attractive I found Ronnie. His voice, his face, his eyes, and most of all his smile. I'm a tremendous sucker for a cute smile, be it on a girl or guy. One particular day there was a grade twelve girl who was visiting a friend's house as she normally doesn't get off at our stop. But as she walked a way in front of us, the wind decided to put on a little show for us and this cute grade twelve girl's already very short skirt flew up exposing her lime green thong to us a couple of times. Ronnie and I were of course loving this making all kinds of remarks, while she remained unaware of the show she was putting on for us. For the rest of our little walk we discussed various things including girls and what we liked best about them. Ronnie mentioned that he particularly likes boob and ass, claiming that the vagina just isn't that sexy, since it's just a fleshy hole. I was in agreement here particularly because I too am a boobs and ass guy and his statement did make a bit of sense. But this was not the extent of our sex related conversations.

Another day as I walked Ronnie home in our usual fashion he asked me a question that caught me rather off guard. He asked if it was normal that his dick didn't stick straight out when he got a boner, but rather slightly upwards towards his stomach, like 45 degrees up from straight out. I told him I never thought about it and at a loss for words I said I'd get back to him. Well after I got home, with nobody home at the time, I decided to jerk off, all the while thinking about what Ronnie's dick looked like. After a good cum, I took note that my dick pointed slightly upwards in a similar fashion, not quite to the degree that he suggested but nonetheless it still pointed slightly upwards. I casually brought it up in conversation a couple days later as I walked him home and assured him he was normal.

The conversations continued on for several days when he asked my opinion of his abs. He told me that he doesn't really go showing them off to everyone (even though he definitely could), but he claimed to have an eight pack, to which I clearly pointed out that his lower two abs needed work before he could make such claims. He was slightly distraught but I reassured him in a joking manner and we laughed it off. Later that month he brought back the conversation of abs and took it upon himself to show me his progress, claiming I motivated him to work a bit more on them. Indeed he now had an eight pack, and he insisted I feel them. Pretending to be very slightly reluctant (although actually I was elated) I stroked his rock hard stomach. It was warm to the touch and I secretly savoured the moment. There was some definite 'bromance' going on here and he did not object in the least. I personally found it kind of cute that he worked so hard on his abs just for me.

Anyway, it was at this point that I got a new video game for my playstation and it was one he had been dying to play. When he heard I had it he asked to borrow it so he could play it on his playstation, but I had a better idea and suggested I come over to his place to play it with him sometime soon. I asked him when would be a good day, preferably one when his parents were out at work or something that way we could swear all we want, as I tend to swear a lot when I play video games and I didn't want his parents hearing all of it since they were quite strict. He agreed, and we chose the upcoming saturday when his parents were going to be at work all day and we'd be the only ones in the house. That week I couldn't wait for Saturday to roll around, and when it finally did I couldn't wait to see what might develop in the night having been hoping something might go on between us for quite some time. I arrived with the game after a quick walk over to his house. He invited me in, we got some sodas from his fridge and immediately plopped down on the couch and started to play video games.

He had on a pair of loose silky basketball shorts and a wife-beater, whereas I had on a T-shirt and pair of slim jeans. I should at this point mention that I shared a gym class with Ronnie and so I got to see him in the locker rooms after gym. Unfortunately for me, the gym showers were always ignored as every was always in to much of a rush to get to their next class or to catch the bus. And so all everybody did was switch between gym clothes and the regular school uniform, meaning all I ever got to see was guys in their boxers and whatnot. Although this did allow me to discover something interesting. I found out that despite his middle eastern descent, Ronnie was remarkably smooth and hairless aside from his head and armpits (and I assume pubes as well). Now this was definitely a turn on as I am not particularly fond of hairy guys.

Returning to the main story though, I was playing the latest and greatest first-person-shooter genre video game of the time with Ronnie for hours when things started to get a little boring and repetitive. Out of the blue, he suggests we make the game a bit more interesting. Curious as to what he was implying, I said sure. He suggested that whenever one of us kills the other in the game, that the person who got killed has to answer a truth or dare question from the other. I agreed and we began playing our now 'high-stakes' video game. Lucky me I managed to kill him and so I got to ask him truth or dare, he picked truth and so I asked something easy to start off with, something along the lines of who do you like and our school and what would you do to them? The game continued with a variety of sex related questions and stupid dares like eating mustard, ice-cream, maple syrup smoothies, and dumb stuff like that. Until of course the question of do you jerk off, came up. It was Ronnie who asked the question and I told him I did all the time, he said he did it all the time too. I won the next match and got to ask the next question, so I asked if he ever watched porn, he said he did and then he said that he got porn channels on his satellite TV.

Sooner or later the video game was put on hold as Ronnie brought up the channel list on his TV and scrolled to the porn channels. He put on a porn flick that had two busty brunettes sucking away at a big fat dick. We watched it casually as we continued our game of truth or dare, but this time without the video game being involved. Soon we got into questions like how we jerked off and which girls we jerked off thinking about. Then the question went to dick sizes. Myself claiming to have a seven inch, him claiming the same. We called each other out and he suggested we compare to settle our little dispute. At this point my heart was racing thinking that I was about to see Ronnie's dick. We agreed that in order to be sure neither of us cheats that we'd pull each others pants down at the same time. But first we had to take our shirts off and I had to undo my belt and unzip my fly, slightly revealing my teal blue, plaid American Eagle boxer briefs. Then we reached over to each other, he took hold of my belt loops, I took hold of the elastic waist of his basketball shorts and boxers, I could tell he was sporting a boner as his loose shorts made in extremely obvious, and I'm sure he could tell by the bulge in my jeans that my dick was eager in anticipation. He said on the count of three, One, Two, Three, and we swiftly pulled each others pants and underwear down. Having bent over to pull his shorts down I found my face less than a foot away from his hard, bouncing, dick.

He went and got out a ruler and we started measuring. He measured himself as 6.5 inches, and I measured myself as 7 inches. However, his dick was noticeably thicker than mine. His was darker too, several shades darker than the rest of his skin and he was uncut, with a tight foreskin that showed the outline of his dick head, and was partially retracted showing a bit of the pink tip and his piss slit. This was not only the first dick besides my own that I had seen in real life, but also the first uncut dick I had ever seen in real life and it intrigued me. By contrast, my own dick was a tad longer and skinnier but it was also almost the same colour as my skin whereas his, as I mentioned before, was darker than his normal skin colour, and my dick was cut so that was the other major difference. Of course there was also the slight difference in angle that I had discovered before. Both our dicks were pointing slightly up but his a bit more than my own.

Going back to the action, it was at this point were we had finished comparing and he suggested something that I wasn't entirely expecting since I thought he was totally straight. He said that he was pretty horny and suggested that we jerk off together, a suggestion to which I definitely agreed. So we sat next to each other on the couch, and began seriously watching the porn. Of course I was a little to distracted to watch, constantly taking glances at my friend sitting next to me, dick in hand, his abs exposed, pumping his thick meat. And I caught him glancing at me a couple times as well. One time when I caught him staring at my dick, I laughed and said to him, 'Why do you grab it, if you like it so much?' To which he proceeded to reach over and push my hand out of the way. I was shocked, but there was little time for shock as the wars of pleasure rolled over me, sending pulses from my dick up my spine. It felt amazing having his hand working away at my dick and I wondered what it would feel like doing him. So I stopped him, then I got off the couch and kneeled down in front of him. I grabbed his uncut dick and began playing with his foreskin. Sliding it up and down, stretching it, spitting on my finger and then running my finger around inside of it. I was amazed by his cock. He was moaning quietly and I took that as my cue to get down to business. So I firmly gripped his cock, neither of us bothering to look at the porn anymore, I was working his dick up and down as I watched a big cute grin spread across his face. I was clear he was in ecstasy. I heard him begin to moan louder, and start making faint grunts, and I knew he was close, so I stopped. I knew his pleasure rested entirely in my hands and I was going to draw this out. I continued with this two more times until I had him practically begging me to let him cum, so I sped up. I saw that grin of his get wider, he shut his eyes, his dick seemed to grow a bit more in my hand, he was moaning and making light grunts again, thrusting his his hips slightly, he managed to get out a word between breaths as he told me, 'Fuck, I'm gonna cum!' So I gripped a bit tighter, tugged a bit faster and before I knew it, Ronnie let out a loud moan and shot five long ropes of jizz, the first one hitting his chest, the second hitting his face, and the next three landing on his abs, while some more just dripped down the side of my hand. With all the surprises he had been giving me lately I decided to surprise him this time. So I stood up and leaned in and kissed him on the lips, then licked the cum off his cheek. This was my first time tasting someone else's cum and his was notably sweeter than mine, it tasted great and I happily swallowed the cum I had just licked.

He then grabbed me and threw me onto the couch. He got up and wiped the cum off his chest and abs and smeared it all over my rock hard dick. I could smell his sweat and cum, it was hot and musky, but not offensive; I loved his smell. He was working away at my dick, lubed up with his cum and it felt amazing to have his warm cum on my dick. His hands were moving like greased lightning up and down my throbbing dick, I knew I wasn't going to last long. I shut my eyes and replayed the scene of my friend cumming as I jerked him off, I opened them again to see Ronnie tugging at my dick with that cute little grin of his, he knew I was close, so he stopped. That asshole! He was laughing a little, but then he got back to jerking me off. I was close and could feel the cum building up inside me. I let out a moan followed by a 'fuck Ronnie!' and let seven ropes of cum fly everywhere. The first one hitting him in the face and then he pointed my dick back towards me as six more ropes of cum landed on my chest and stomach.

After I had cooled off a bit, he asked me, 'Well?' To which I replied 'That was amazing!', he then followed with 'Same here, you wanna get cleaned up? Cmon!' So, he led me to the bathroom where he suggested we get into the shower. As I got in, I saw him wipe my cum off his face with his finger and then lick his finger clean. He turned on the steaming hot water and handed me the soap to wash myself. However, I had different plans and started washing his cute body. His muscular back, his broad shoulders, his chest and his abs, then his dick and finally his cute little tan ass. He returned the favour and we got out of the shower, dried off and went back into the TV room in only towels. He turned off the porn and we grabbed my stuff and brought it up to his room. I called my parents and told them I would be sleeping over, and after much heated debate, they caved in. So I headed upstairs to Ronnie's bedroom where he was lying on his bed watching TV. Sitting on top of his open towel. I laid out my towel and joined him, we both agreed that we had enjoyed the experience tremendously and that neither of us really cared about whether or not it was gay. We continued on with similar adventures later into the night, but this story has already gotten way too long so I'll save those for another day. We agreed to have these sessions more often and to this day we still keep in touch. Both of us are definitely bi, so neither of us have any issues with what we've done, he's always pretty chill about everything and that's just another thing I like about Ronnie.

Anyway, that's my story thus far. My apologies in advance, because I'm sure this story is littered with typos. I hope you enjoyed the reading material and I would love to hear some of your feedback!



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