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I Took an Interesting Massage

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I'm about 5'5 and slender, with long, straight, dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.

I had a stressful day at work and a stiff neck, so I went to a local massage parlor. I've passed it before, but never went inside. There was one girl there, a petite Chinese girl named Margarette. She didn't speak much English.

She was petite, in her 20s I suppose, and made up very well, and she had a big chest for her size. I noticed this only in retrospect-I'm straight. Really, I am. When I first met her, I didn't give her appearance a second thought.

I did however, give a second thought to the lighting in the parlour. I take massages now and then, and this place was unusually dim. But I enjoyed the dim light, it was relaxing. So I put myself at ease.

She was very attentative from the moment I got in the room. She helped me hang my coat and purse on the hooks. I told her I was going to get undressed. She seemed to have no intention of leaving the room as I undressed, until I said it again with a few hand gestures to explain what I meant. She finally left and I stripped to my panties and put the towel around me, and I layed face down on the table.

Shortly into the massage, she tucked the towel into the back of my panties and pulled my panties down a little. I felt slightly exposed. I didn't think much of it, until she slid her hands down further and further with each rub, until she was under my panties almost completely, rubbing-well-rubbing my ass, really.

But my naive self, I thought perhaps there's a therapeutic legitamacy to this action. So again, I let it happen.


It felt kind of nice.

I thought, 'But I'm a GIRL-surely she umm... realizes that. And her feminine wilds won't really impress me. Anyway, this is why I request female masseuses.' Because they can do things like this and I wouldn't feel violated.

She massaged my arms, and as she did, she sat and rested my hand in her crotch. It wasn't carelessly dropped there. It was placed, positioned, and re-placed properly. Her pants were loose and cotton-y, and not much separated my hand from her flesh.

She straddled me as she massaged my back-Not that professional, but it's been done before. But she *really* sat on me. She subtley grinded her crotch into my ass.

She massaged my legs. She underestimed their length by about an inch. Her fingers brushed against my panties many times in a row, with very little pressure getting greater at each pass.

She removed my towel completely and rubbed me down with a hot wet towel. Then she had me turn over. I was somewhat relieved she brought the towel back.

She sat behind my head and massaged my shoulders from above. She leaned over and slipped her hands our the towel covering my chest and massaged my stomach, while her chest was on my face. Make no mistake... Her chest and my mouth made direct contact, save for her tight cotton shirt.

And as her hands massaged my stomach, they drifted to my breasts. It was all so subtle...

Facing up this time, she worked on the top of my legs. And my clit. This time it was obvious and shameless. She rubbed my leg higher and higher until she was rubbing my crotch. It was light and cautious. As though if she did it much harder, she'd be crossing a line. I had a difficult time avoiding the truth in my mind at this point. I sickeningly enjoyed it. And worried if I'd have to pay more. Surely they don't expect that of their female customers...

She massaged my calves a few more minutes to end on a legal note, and told me the massage was over. She also told me I was very beautiful and took my clothes off the hooks for me. She left, but came back as I was dressing. At that time I gave her her tip, but she stayed as I finished dressing and walked me out. I hope this place sticks around. Service like that is hard to come by.



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