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I Surprised My Friend!

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I've known Kathy for about five years. We are friends only really. We never dated but we hang out together, usually when a bunch of us get together at someone's house for football games on TV, or at a bar somewhere.

About two weeks ago we were talking together at the bar in one of our favorite hangouts and somehow we got into the conversation about dick size and the myths and preconceptions about dick size. By that I mean things like the old saying 'bigger is better,' etc. She told me that all guys brag about how big their dicks are and they double it, like if a guy is really only 5 inches, he goes around saying he has 10 inches.

I told her that in many ways she was correct, but I told her I really had 10 inches. Which I really do. Truthfully, it is a curse. I have fucked women where I bottomed out when I was only halfway inside them. I envy the guys who can bury themselves totally up inside there. I've only been with maybe two women where I could do that. I am not one to go around bragging about that. Of course, she said 'you bullshitter. No way do you have 10 inches.' I swore up and down I did but she simply wouldn't believe me.

She finally told me that she would have to see it to really believe it. I told her I'd show her anytime. We continued talking for another hour, about different things. When we were ready to leave she said that it looked like I had avoided the topic of my dick size for the rest of the evening, which to her insinuated I had just been bullshitting her. Again I told her I was telling the TRUTH! I told her I was just going to have to prove it to her if she wanted to take a peek.

She said that there was no other way she was going to believe me, so I said 'OK, let's go to my place for a little bit and I'll SHOW YOU!'

We made it quickly the mile to my house and we went inside. As I was driving the excitement of dropping my pants in front of her was turning me on. We went into the living room and she didn't even sit down. She just kind of laughed and said 'OK, show me and prove it.' I took off my jacket and stood about five feet in front of her. I unzipped and unbuckled and pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees in one movement. My dick was about half hard and being unencumbered with tight jeans, it sprang the rest of the way to life.

Her mouth fell open and she said 'Damn!' There was a nearby chair and she just plopped down in it and stared at me with eyes wide and her mouth still wide open. She said 'God, you do have a huge dick.' I moved over in front of her chair so my dick was right in front of her face. By now it was super hard too. She took my dick in her right hand and felt it, and then she placed her left hand on it too. She could get both hands, one above the other, around my dick. She was saying I was incredible and so big.

It was feeling so good to me as she felt and played with my dick. I told her it felt good. Then I said 'would you mind jacking me off?' She never said yes or no, she just started jacking me, first with one hand, then the other, and occasionally with both hands.

I told her when I was about to come and I turned sideways so my cum would shoot out onto the carpet and I told her to jack me hard. She pumped me hard and I started cumming. I told her to keep jacking me hard and I spurted three or four large ropes of cum out onto the carpet.

Afterwards, she said she had never seen a dick like mine. I thanked her for jacking me off. I dressed and we talked a while. I told her if she ever felt like 'jacking off a big one again' it was fine with me! She smiled and winked at me and said 'I'll keep that in mind!' Then she left and went home.

I don't know if this will happen again, or possibly we will get together and take things further. It was a lot of fun and I'd love her to jack me off again. I'd love to see her pussy and tits too, so I will have to work on that if there is a next time!



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