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I Still Need Help

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Still not a male male story.


I have not done anything with my friend since the last time I wrote and I have not even tried to because I don't want him to think I'm creepy or tell a bunch of other people that I try to do weird things to him when we are alone. He still sags his pants and shorts really low, I wonder if he knows that it drives me crazy but not in a gay way but just because I want to j/o with him thinking about hot girls.

So now we have been in the break dancing classes for a while and most of the guys I started out with including my friend and I have made it to stage three. The very first class had been cancelled but this other guy 'R' and I didn't know that so we got to the community center only 10 minutes early and were waiting around trying to figure out why nobody was showing up.

R is a really good friend to the Indian kid I want to jack off with and knew about what happened and while we were standing around waiting he asked me about it. I tried to deny it and say it was an accident but he didn't believe me so I was really nervous until he told me that he was the only one who knew and that he had jacked off with my friend before but that they felt bad about it so they stopped doing it.

I was thinking that maybe R would want to jack off with me so I tried to get him to go in the restroom and I was hoping something would happen in there since the only ones around were us and the cleaning lady but he wouldn't go with me and I didn't want to push him to hard.

I have been really confused because R will always make up nasty jokes in our break dancing class or say sexual things that have nothing to do with anything; like one time he told me that he went pee outside in the morning because he couldn't make it in the toilet because he had a boner. I have been trying to make something happen with R but he doesn't respond, sometimes I think he is actually making fun of me.

As for my other friend he won't even wrestle with me again but still says I'm one of his best friends so that's good but how can I stop looking for someone to jack off with? I don't want people thinking I'm weird or gay. I keep thinking what I have to lose if I ask R to his face if he wants to jack off with me. He already knows what I did and I know that he has jacked off with our friend before and he keeps making sexual jokes so he probably wants something to happen I know I do, but everything seems to be a dead end because as of today I still haven't jerked off with another human being.

Sometimes I think I am the only teen guy in my town who still wants to jack off with other people and that alone makes me feel like a creep.



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