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I Still Laugh Every Time I See a Banana

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Well, for a period a little less than a month, I was seeing this INCREDIBLY hot girl in a sort of friends-with-benefits type situation. We'd get together in her or my room and watch a movie or something, and then one of us would make the move and start making out with one another.

For clarification's purposes, I have no idea why this girl was doing this sort of stuff with me. She randomly friended me on Facebook because we were gonna go to the same college. She had really tan skin and a really tight body from playing soccer. Incredible. We might have eventually fucked if she hadn't randomly decided to stop talking to me (don't worry about that part, it's not the point of the story).

Okay, so one night, she was really sore, so while she lying on her stomach while on her laptop, I straddled her and started giving her a massage. Deeply kneading her legs and back, you could hear her loud sighing while she was attempting to chat with a friend on Facebook.

Noticing how quickly she got into the massage, I started going further up her back and eventually started reaching the sides of her breasts. I slid my hands ever so smoothly into her bra. I brushed her nipples lightly with my fingertips, then going back down her back with my hands. Soon I began lightly pinching and twisting her nipples. My erection was quite obvious by then, poking quite subtley into her rather delightful bum. Noticing her moans getting louder, I asked her to close her laptop. I then flipped her over and slid her cut off jean shorts down. I went in for a deep, long kiss, while at the same time tugging up on her thong, teasing her pussy by pulling the material up into her. I started teasing her clit slightly. She got really into it and after a couple minutes started crying, 'Don't stop. Don't stop.' Her pussy tightened around my fingers, while arching her back. Quite obviously, she had just finished cumming. I then got up, having had an idea. I reached into her freezer and pulled out an ice tray. I placed one between my teeth and brought it to her neck, sliding up and down, letting go of the ice to bite lightly every once in a while. I skipped down to her legs and teased her, running the ice around and up her inner thighs, avoiding her glistening pink pussy as she moaned. I finally decided to stop teasing her and brought the ice in my mouth to her clit, and she cried out, 'OHHH!' Her knees tightened against my head. I grabbed a couple more ice cubes, placing between my fingers and thrust them directly into her pussy. She nearly screamed.

I churned and twisted my fingers, causing the ice to move throughout her now chilly cunt like some sort of blender, but then the ice melted and she started calming down. I couldn't have that, so I went back to her freezer. Next to the half-empty ice cube tray and a tub of Cherry Garcia, I spotted... a banana. Grasping it, I rubbed off most of the ice crystals. I knelt back in front of her spread legs, knees pointing in nearly opposite directions. I ran the base of the frozen banana up and down her nearly hairless slit until I pushed just an inch of it in really quickly. I looked up at her face, and her head was leaning back in pleasure. I went up to her and pushed the banana even further into her slick vagina. This caused her to open her eyes in surprise, and they were nearly cross eyed. She grabbed my head and jammed her tongue into my mouth in an attempt to silence her moans. Thank god her suitemates were gone, or they would have heard for sure. I could feel her moans in my mouth, and the banana was just hanging half way out of her. I broke her kiss and went back down. I started moving the banana in and out, the end I was holding still chilly. I started thrusting harder and twisting, her moans and OHHHHs goading me to push further inside. She started bucking her hips and just as it seemed she was about to arch her back in climax, I noticed some red on the banana itself. I stopped her asking her if she was OK. It seems I had been a little too rough, and we had torn her vagina slightly. She said it didn't hurt and that she was fine, but as she ran off to her room's bathroom to clean up, my boner nearly died instantly. We decided to call it quits there for her, and I leaned back as she gave me a great hand job. The night ended with us spooning in her twin bed and falling asleep.



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