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I Shocked Her in the Library

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I had a really really really naughty thing happen on Saturday at the public library 40 miles away..
I was there alone.. and I don't live there so I didn't know anybody.. and I was feeling kinda 'horny'.. I had on some casual, lounging type pants.. they have a fly but they are also elastic waistband.. I found a few books and was standing in the shelves, stroking on top of my pants and reading...I was fully hard.. and was thrilled by being in public.. I found a corner that was kinda secluded..
and squeezed my shaft as I read and looked around to not get caught.. I decided I wanted to be looking at someone when I came.. so I moved around till I found a study carrol that I could sit in.. and the view in was very limited.. I was on the 4th floor.. only a few people.. but there was a thin, petite, mid 30's lady there at a table.. she was about 20 feet away.. facing me, but looking down at the work she was doing.. she was writing.. she had short black hair.. thin build.. I moved slightly and rubbed harder.. out of her vision.. I decided I wanted to look at her only when I came.. I reached inside my pants and pushed my briefs down below my balls.. then I pushed the waistband down in the front so I could rub my shaft in full view I was almost dizzy my heart was beating so fast I quit thinking reasonably...I stroked slowly... and stopped several times short of cumming... I was working up my courage to let her see me but I wasn't sure I figured I could deny anything she accused me of ...I must have stopped 4 or 5 times.. getting hornier all the time,.. my balls were aching to release ... the whole thing happened for about 45 minutes.. then I scooted so I could see her... and rubbed frantically.. my waist was out of her vision but she could easily tell my arm was moving in a motion that had to be me jerking off... I was still sitting.. and decided I was not going to stop.. it felt sooo good... I got really close.. and then it dawned on me that I was fixing to cum all over myself... and when my cum started I tried to stand a bit.. but my right foot kicked the study carrol and she looked up.. I was in a half stand... and she was looking at me with a shocked look on her face.. I stood the rest of the way up.. my face was shocked too I'm sure.. I dripped onto the carpet under me.. and as I finished standing I looked down and saw the final drops drip down as I stroked the last bit of cum from my shaft ...she kept looking.. staring.. at my eyes and then my cock... I was a mess.. not knowing if she was going to scream.. it all happened so quickly... but she didn't do anything but look.. and then she smiled..and looked back down.. she didn't write or read.. she just kept her head down.. I think she was savoring what she had seen.. I pushed my pants down and pulled up briefs and then pants and slipped out of there in a hurry...I wasn't smiling and really enjoying things till I got out of the parking lot without anything happening...it was the most incredible experience I've had in a while..



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