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I Never Would Have Thought It

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Happily married, two children of my own, and I would never in a million years thought I would have done anything like this....


Two doors down from us live a family with five daughters ranging in ages from 13 to 18. Like most teenagers, they tend to wear next to nothing in the summer and the sight of a firm young body is always attractive, however, like some other men who read this site, I have never seen the attraction of used underwear for any purpose let alone for masturbation.

One afternoon, my wife came back from a coffee afternoon with the neighbours with a bag full of clothes. Their 16 year old was having a clear out. Like many 16 year olds, clothes that were the height of fashion yesterday were no longer suitable to be worn in public today and we have a 14 year old who is tall for her age. The mom thought that rather than throw the clothes out, our daughter may like them. So saying, she tipped the whole bin-liner out onto the lounge floor and a mass sort out began. There were tops, shorts, bras and even panties. What caught my eye though were a pair of dark blue shorts that I had seen the girl in only yesterday. I was pretty sure they were the same ones because of a small patch motif on the ass. The shorts were lying on my lounge floor 'open' and I could see, well, there is no other word to describe it, cum stains in the crotch. I guess my primal brain took over and sent me a clear message. 'These shorts have been next to a 16 year old pussy, and she was NOT wearing panties.'

As my daughters grabbed the tops they wanted and went off to try them on, I gathered up the rest of the clothes and stuffed them all back in the bin liner for 'round two'. Then, I sneaked the shorts out and went to the bathroom.

You have no idea how long I sat on the edge of the bath holding those shorts and just looking at the creamy stains on the crotch. Four times, I almost gave into temptation and smelled them, but as I said earlier, this has never held any interest for me.....

...right up until I saw the light-gold pubic hair nestled almost coyly in the seam. In a second I had the shorts to my face and was breathing in the dizzying (and forbidden) scent of a teenager. I mean 'dizzying' almost literally. The scent, while not strong in any way had a most devastating effect on me. Here was a girl who had deliberately worn nothing under these shorts, presumably so the seam could rub against her better. She had obviously become aroused and for all I knew, may well have cum into them too.

I had my cock out in a heartbeat and was jacking madly. I then went back to the bin-liner and more in hope than expectation, sought out the panties. I knew for sure these shorts had been worn without them, but I figured, if she hadn't washed the shorts, maybe, just maybe there were similar panties. Most of them were clean and smelled laundered, but one pair had dried cum stains and were just what I needed. I wrapped my cock in them with the crotch over the head of my cock and went back to the shorts. The scent had fragmented now. I could make out different scents. Pussy, oh yes, pussy, but also female sweat and the faintest hint of pee too. I shot so much into her panties that my balls ached afterwards for over an hour.

I threw the panties away and put the shorts (regretfully) back into the bin liner. Afterwards I had the most tremendous guilt reaction. I was deeply ashamed, but also couldn't deny that it was the most erotic thing.

The next morning, I saw the girl in her garden. She waved and smiled as usual and I took in the sight of her in a bikini that could only have cost the manufacturer $1.50 in material.

The thing is that I knew, absolutely knew, that if she had 'come on' to me... you know, the kind of stuff you read here sometimes, I would not have been interested in a real-life encounter. It was an interesting feeling though, looking at her and making small talk while thinking to myself. 'I have smelt and licked your cunt juices'.

Afterwards, I began to wonder....what if she put those shorts in there for exactly that purpose?



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