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I Never Thought It Would Happen

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I never believed this would ever happen to me. Everything in this story is true... enjoy.


I should start this off by saying that I have been reading Solo Touch for about a year now and finally got around to contributing a story that happened to me. I have been masturbating since I was in fifth grade at least once a day. My cock is an average 6 inches long but really thick.

During my senior year in college, I lived in an off campus apartment with this girl who was barely an acquaintance. She was not what I would have called hot or anything but she was cute and had ridiculously large breasts. After a few weeks into the first semester, I had down the perfect whack-off schedule. That is, how much time I had while she was at class to masterbate, which was usually a 2 hour gap Monday through Friday.

One day, in mid September I was ridiculusly horny and in desperate need of relief. That being said, it was too hot to jerk off in my room so I took my laptop (thank god for wireless!) into the common area of the apartment and got down to business. After 10 minutes of hardcore whacking, I was so into it I did not notice my apartment mate had walked in the room. I only became aware of her presence when she let out a loud 'OH MY GOD'.

At this point I was really embarrassed, but, to my relief, she followed that with something along the lines of 'finally, you have no idea how long I have been trying to catch you jerking off'. After hearing that, my cock hardened back up in an instant.

'I always hear you jerking off and try to open your door and 'walk in on you' but it's always locked but now I guess I get my chance to watch', she said. She added, 'I'm only going to do this once so don't think this is going to become a regular thing'. She then asked me if I needed any 'help' getting into the mood. I could barely talk at this point but somehow I managed to utter a 'sure'. She then took off her shirt and unhooked her bra. Like I said before, she isn't the hottest girl but her huge chest makes up for that.

So there I was jerking off in front of my apartment mate while she sat there topless mesmerized by me stroking my hard cock in front of her. Needless to say, I lasted only about a minute or so. I don't think I ever had an orgasm that amazing from whacking off before. I let out at least eight streams of cum, which landed mostly on my stomach, leg and hand. After I finished cumming, my apartment mate walked over, took my hand and licked the cum off of it and then took her bra and wiped the rest of my cum off of me. After which she said 'thanks for the show' and walked into her room and shut the door. Like she said, for the rest of the year we never did anything like that before or even talked about it although I did not lock my door when I whacked off and made a lot of noise in the hope of luring her to join me.

A few times when she was out and forgot to lock her door, I would go into her room and jerk off into either her bra or panties. The day before we moved out after we graduated I even took her bra to use to catch my cum for the summer.



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