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I Must Ejaculate Often

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How could anything so great be wrong. It is healthy & I believe great for anybody. Just do it!


I have always been a very sexual guy from the time I first learned to masturbate. In my teens I would masturbate two to five times a day never missing a single day. I was always thinking of girls and masturbating.

At the young age of 22 I got married to a great lady. After a short time due to family problems around us stress got the better of us and sex for her was now not on her mind much. On the other hand, I needed my normal ejaculation time or I would go crazy. I ended up just wacking off any time I could at shower time or taking a moment to wack off in the mens room at work.

I found this was just cumming though and I missed the long times I would spend both masturbating to magazines, movies or having sex before.

Then my young wife's job had her working hours change to late nights twice a week for a while. I would have to pick her up from the bus stop at 10:00 those nights.

I now had time to go back to the long time masturbation I did in my teens but I had no magazines or movies. It was just around when the internet was created and I did not have a computer anyway.

I still remember the very first night I was alone for the first time. I decided I was going to go to the local video store where we had our membership. I had never entered into the back room with the closed door marked adult only.

I drove straight from work at 5:00 to the video store. As I walked through the door I noticed there were only a few others in the store. I did not look sideways and went straight to the back adult only door. Of course as my luck would have it the door made a huge creaking noise so there was no sneaking in.

Once inside I was so happy to see they had so mant titles. I grabbed three movies knowing I had about three to four solid hours of stroking my cock about to happen.

I left closing the creaking door & then as I walked to the counter fear came over me. There were now about four people waiting in line with movies. Being in a small town I hoped I did not know any of them. I stood at the lines end with the movie boxes under my arm so nobody could see what they were.

As I got close to cashing out I noticed it was the owners daughter working on cash at the time. I got real hot & worried all of a sudden knowing this young girl would know I was about to masturbate in a few minuutes. I was so embarrassed when I layed down three dirty movies in front of her. I stil remember two of them. One that was called something like girls licking girls & one had a picture of a guy squirting his cum on a girls tits.

The young girl said hi as always & I did the same & then she looked at my movies. I glanced at her eyes & saw the look on her face. I'm sure she now thought I was a pervert going to stoke my cock & she knew my wife too. She told me the price & slid my porn in the bag. I said thank you & as I turned to leave noticed another lady was now behind me in line. I looked down & walked fast from the store.

I went home locked the door & went straight to my VCR. I was so excited being I had not seen a sex movie since I was in my teens & had my hidden stash.

I grabbed a beach towel & layed it on the couch, then got a jar of vasoline from the medicine cupbosrd. I stripped nude & popped in the first tape. It was girl on girl sex, my favorite kind. It was so great to be so sexually excited after having such a long time with so little sex & short maasturbation times. The porn tapes had gotten quite better since the ones I had as a kid stashed away

I stoked my slippery greased cock that night from about 6:00 until 9:30. I came so close to orgasm so many times that night but with my years of practice had learned to hold just short of ejaculation quite well. When I did cum I still remember how loud I groaned & yelled & how much cum I squirted out. I actually squirted cum twice onto my face & forehead. As I was still enjoying the body jerks & shocks still happening after about a minute, my cum was roling down into my eyes & mouth. Then with my cock still fairly hard in my hand, the feeling of laughter came over me for some reason. I had never had that happen after orgasm but I had never been that horny before nor had such a dry spell of quality sex or masturbation.

There I was naked, covered in my own cum, my cock still throbbing from the wonderful orgasm, laughing my head off 'til my throat was sore. I felt so good that I knew this had to be healthy & good for me. I decided then that I would do this every chance I got. That night after I picked up my wife I told her was was not tired yet & stayed up to masturbate again. I turned down the TV volume & slid in a tape again. I watched a guy squirt his cum into a hot ladies mouth about 15 times while stroking my cock again. My cock was so sensative now that I had to use lots of vaseline. When I ejaculated the feeling was so intense that I thought my head would explode. It was so hard to keep quiet & my body was jerking so wildly as I came while watching this girl with her mouth wide open taking in all the cum.

That was the first of many months, twice a week that I did the same thing. The people at the video store still always made me so embarrassed but I kept doing it anyway. If it was the man who owned the store he would make me feel at ease by quietly saying things like 'good choice' or 'one of my favorites'. When the daughter was there it was always still awkward. One day it was the worst when my bosses daughter was visiting the girl. I did not even notice she was there because she was sitting off to one side. She said hi & I looked over to see her. I don't think she saw what type of movies I had or she would not have spoken to me. I know her friend at the store must have told her about how I came to rent three or four movies twice a week though. A few weeks later she was at my work & in front of two other guys asked me if I had seen any good movies lately, then smiled & walked away. She was a bit of a wild type.

Stil to this day I enjoy quality video disc renting. I introduced my new wife to my ways of video masturbation & she now enjoys it with me.

It is great to watch her masturbate herself while I do the same. I only wish I could have 20 or 30 orgasms in an hour or so! I usually find I end up watching her once her orgasm get real intense. For me watching her hot body buck into the air while she masturbates or has a dildo & vibrator working away is better that the porn.

We are currently making our own porn collection of her masturbating so I can enjoy it if she is away.

It is great to be able to share my masturbation history with others. I have never told anybody I know this story nor would I. It is great to know you have read it & I hope your enjoy.

I hope the ladies enjoy knowing what it is like for a man & how much we enjoy women & sex. You are the focus of most of our lives. Each & every woman out there should know that many men who know you have had you as a lover in thoughts as they stroke their cocks to orgasm. It is normal & you should be happy knowing we do. Each & every good looking lady I know has been in my thoughts while I have masturbated over the years.



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