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I Miss My Best Friend

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My friend Tim and I had spent all day at the lake. At one point we skinny dipped, and I got a good gander at his nice plump soft dick and nuts, but when we saw a boat in the distance, we decided it wasn't a great idea, and put our shorts on.

We went back to his room, and he asked me to put some aloe on his back. I was rubbing it in, and he was jabbering about how good it felt. I kidded him it was a good idea we stopped skinny dipping, otherwise I'd have to rub it on his dick. He softly said I bet that would feel great. He leaned his back against my bare chest, and asked me to rub aloe on his chest. I squirted a glob in the middle of his chest, reached my hands under his armpits, and slowly rubbed it into his chest and stomach. His nipples hardened as I rubbed my palms across them, and I started to feel my dick start to harden.

His head was on my shoulder, and his eyes were closed. I looked down at his crotch, and it appeared to be bulging too. I pulled my hands away from him, and he said, eyes still closed, just to be safe you better do my dick. Just in case I got too much sun earlier. I figured I'd call his bluff, and reached down and tugged on the string to his trunks. To my amazement, he lifted his hips, then pulled them down to his knees, and put his head back on my shoulder. The fat soft dick I had seen earlier in the day, was now a big seven inches curving upward to his navel.

I squirted aloe on it, and watched the green goo drip down his shaft, then slowly closed my fist around it, and rubbed it in. I slowly masturbated him with my right hand, and gently teased his chest and stomach with my left. I ran circles around his nipples, and played with his belly button. We learned very quickly that aloe is a horrible lube, as his dick started getting sticky. He got off my lap, shed his trunks, and went into the bathroom. He washed the aloe off, and came back with a bottle of baby oil, his hard dick bobbing up and down.

Take off your trunks he told me. We'll use this. We laid down on his bed, and we rubbed the oil on each others cocks, and it felt wonderful. Tim slowly swirled his fist around my head, and then up and down the shaft, I doing the same to him.. He rolled over on his side, and said let's rub them together, then rolled on top of me. His dick pressed against mine and he slowly humped into me. It was incredible. The warmth of his sunburn radiated into my chest, our dicks grinding against each other and onto our oiled abs.

Tim's nose was almost touching mine, and I could smell the peppermint of his gum as he breathed. This is so awesome he whispered, still slowly grinding into me. I felt his nut sack drag across my shaft as he rubbed his dick against my belly. I'm close he gasped, and started to grind harder and faster. I put my hands on his hips, and ground back into him. He threw his head back, and without a word or sound, I felt his warm wet cum on my belly. He collapsed on top of me, and I furiously ground my dick against his still belly, and exploded in orgasm as well.

Tim rolled off me, and we caught our breath. Tim reached over, and ran his finger across my cum covered stomach, then down to my deflating cock, which he gave a little squeeze. He looked at me, and neither one of us said anything. Finally he smiled, and said thanks. That was better than I ever imagined it was gonna be. Then he kissed my forehead, jumped up, grabbed a towel and came back and wiped our mess off me. I reached up and tugged on his semi deflated dick softly, as he wiped my dick clean.

I went home soon after, my mind completely confused. I felt guilty and dirty, but I also felt excited and fulfilled. As soon as I got home, I beat off again, reliving Tim's body against mine, and then an hour later I did it again. Tim called, and asked if I was okay. I shared with him my feelings, of guilt and shame, then told him I had beat off twice since, thinking about us. Tim admitted he too felt guilty, but had also beat off once, and was getting hard as he spoke. We had phone sex, I talked dirty to him as he jerked off.

We became addicted to sex together that summer, hooking up at least 100 times in three months.

Tim's Dad was transferred to Dallas that fall, and we were both devastated. The night before Tim left, we passionately re-enacted our first time, both sobbing in each others arms.

It's been two years now, and I miss him so much.



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