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I Masturbated Him

Posted by: Author: Age: 41 Posted on: 2 comments
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First a little background. My son, I'll call him Tom who is now eighteen has always had problems with intestinal distress. Usually he gets constipated several times a year. I learned long ago that the fastest way to bring him relief is with an enema. As a child Tom hated them but as he got older he didn't seem to mind expecially since they made him feel better. Several times while he was going through puberty he would quickly develop an erection while getting the enema but our doctor said this was normal. A few times Tom would touch himself during the procedure but I would gently put his hand down at his side. I have to admit that on more than one accasion I wanted to let him continue and I was even tempted to rub it for him but I refrained from doing such a thing.

He is now eighteen and came home from college a couple of weeks ago for the week-end. On Saturday night I could tell he wasn't feeling very well and he said he was having problems with the school's food. If one reads between the lines it means he was constipated. I asked him if this was the case and he said 'yes.' Well, I suggested an enema and he was at first a bit reluctant but about a half hour later said he thought it might be a good idea. His dad and I are divorced so privacy was not an issue. He changed into his pj's and I went to his room with the necessary materials. While he lay on his back I proceeded as I always have. I saw that he was totally erect before I even started. As I administered the enema he began to stroke himself. I could feel myself getting more and more sexually stimulated and I wanted to touch him desperately but I didn't. I put his hand down by his side and told him to wait. I finished the enema before he had a chance to cum. I then waited for him to come back from the bathroom. He was still partly hard and I told him to lie back down. By now I was completely sexually aroused by my own son. My nipples were hard, I had that tingly feeling in my groin area and I knew that I was a bit wet. I dipped my hand into the soapy water and I began to stroke his penis. Tom never said a word, he just started thrusting his penis up into my hand. Shortly after I began I stopped. I don't know why but I did. My son then said 'mom, don't stop, please.' I then continued to masturbate him very slowly, stopping now and then to further arouse him. I wanted to take his penis into my mouth but I didn't. He finally came in huge spurts of fluid. It just kept squirting out. After I cleaned him up I went to my room and immediately masturbated. Tom was going to head back to school on Monday morning. While watching TV Sunday night he asked me if I would 'rub' him again. My mind said no but I told him to go to his room and take off his pants. When I went into his room I sat on the edge of the bed looking at his already erect penis. He asked if he could look at my tits while I rubbed him and I removed my top and bra. This session was even better than the previous night. After Tom came I let him play with my nipples and suck on them. I then showed him how to rub my clit until I finally achieved orgasm.

I shared this story only with my closest girlfriend and it was she who told me about your site. She is of the opinion that as long as I didn't actually have sex with my son there is technically nothing wrong with what I have done although I would really love to hear some of your comments. I don't know what will happen the next time he comes home.



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