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I Made the First Move

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He got me so turned on with his kisses.


This happened back when I was 18. Starting at 16 I'd had quite a few dates with several boys and this was all they were and actually all I was interested in. Then when I was 18 I met this boy named Ray. He was very handsome and very nice. He and I had quite a few conversations on the phone and he finally asked me out on a date.

On our first date we had dinner and took in a movie. We then drove around a while talking and then he took me home. On our next date things got a little more intimate and we kissed. I don't remember where we went that evening but when he got me home we parked in front of my house and continued with our kissing. And believe me; he was one kissing machine! I couldn't get enough. His kisses took me to a new level of arousal and it was I that made the move. I couldn't help it and I have never done anything like this before but on that night I did.

It was during a very deep passionate kiss that my hand went down to the front of his pants in search of his penis. I couldn't believe I was doing this but I couldn't help it. The urge was so strong. I didn't really have to search because the first thing my hand came in contact with was his erect penis. Ray too was just as aroused as I was.

This was the first time I'd ever touched a boy down there and was amazed at how hard it felt. I closed my hand around it and Ray let out a soft moan when I did and sank down in his seat. Next thing I felt Ray's hand easing up under my skirt running along my leg. No boy had ever touched me there before and it felt so good. His hand continued up and stopped on one of my inner thighs. It was then that he broke from our kiss and told me 'Nicole, oh my god Nicole, ah, ah' and his body shook and I felt his penis throbbing in my hand. Ray then relaxed breathing quite hard and I knew he had had an orgasm. And to think it was me that had started this.

When Ray got over it he straightened up in his seat telling me 'oh what a mess'. I asked him what he meant and he turned on the over head light and showed me the front of his pants. It was soaked almost like he'd had an 'accident'. Only I knew it wasn't that but was from his semen. I didn't get to see him ejaculate but I sure got to feel it.

On our next date and from then on things were totally different. We were now open with each other as far as sex was concerned and we ended up finding secluded places to park and have 'fun' with each other. Even while driving places it wasn't unusual for Ray to reach over placing his hand on my thigh or for me to reach over and run my hand up his thigh to his penis and I'd play with it until he'd have all he could take (remember he was driving). A couple of times his parents would be out and we'd go to his house and end up in his bed nude and would really explore and get each other off. I got where I loved watching Ray's penis when it ejaculated. I've sinced learned that Ray never lasted long and released the biggest volume of semen I've ever seen since. This may had been a problem if he and I had ever progressed to other sex acts (referring to his quickness, not his volume).

I have long since had lots of boyfriends and men friends but will never forget Ray: the one that got me so turned on that I made the first move. Since then I have often made the first move on men and they love it.



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